Procrastination is something a lot of us unfortunately struggle with, and especially when it comes to packing for a move. If you’re not using the professional packing services provided by your moving company, staying on task and getting things packed up and ready to go for moving day by yourself can be challenging for a lot of reasons. 

You could be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to pack, might not feel like you have time to get it all done, or just plain don’t feel like doing it. So how do you get yourself out of this procrastination rut, and get your packing done early so you’re not left in a mad rush at the end? We’ve got everything  you need to pack efficiently, quickly, and in a way that will stop you from getting overwhelmed or putting things off.

How to Make Packing for a Move Easier

No one thinks moving is a particularly enjoyable experience, but it’s not exactly something that can be avoided or put off. If you try to, it’ll also only make things worse! So how do you make packing a little easier to handle?

Get Rid of Unneeded Items

An easy way to make packing less intimidating or overwhelming is to lessen the amount of things you have in the first place! Start everything packing process out by decluttering and sorting through and getting rid of clothes or items you don’t want or use. There’s no point in moving things you don’t use or want in the first place, so don’t bother! This will make your space a lot easier to manage, and will also allow you to figure out what you really have, and what you really use. 

After sorting through and getting rid of the items you don’t need or want, start strategizing as to what you’ll pack with what. Having a plan will make your entire packing and moving process so much easier, and will make packing for a move a lot easier to tackle overall. 

Get Packing Supplies

There’s no reason to start the packing process when you haven’t even figured out what you’re going to pack and where. Get boxes, plastic totes, bubble wrap, and generally just the other packing supplies you’ll need to keep your things safe and sound. Start with wrapping up and packing away decor items, or things that you don’t need access to every day, like books or wall hangings. 

Break Things Down

We of course don’t literally mean break down your things, but more so take things one room of the house at a time, or pack away certain items all at once. As we said prior, start with non-essential items, and take it room by room. Starting with even packing away room decor or books can make it look like you’ve already taken care of a huge amount of the packing process, so it’ll make things a little easier to tackle in the long run. 

Whether you’re moving in two months, or in a week, you need to make sure that your packing is done strategically and efficiently if you’re choosing to do it yourself, or without the help of professional packers. 

Take things room by room, and clear out anything you don’t need or want. The key to not procrastinating on packing for your move is to take things a little bit at a time, so you get things done without being intimidated or otherwise tired and discouraged. 

Once you’ve gotten over your packing procrastination, make sure your things are safely packaged and ready for your movers! If you haven’t started the process yet, and are looking for the best moving company near you, look no further than Reebie Allied. We’ve got the prices, customization, and great service you’re looking for to make sure your move is done efficiently and safely.