In the Community

Community Involvement

A key priority of Reebie is to develop and maintain strong and mutually-beneficial relationships with
our community. We take an active interest in our community because we believe in giving back.
What we don’t put back into our company, we put into our communities. We don’t expect anything
in return but have found that we generate community support, loyalty, and good will. As a positive
side effect, we have enhanced our reputation through many of these community efforts. We’re
involved with numerous not-for-profit organizations and participate in many fundraisers. And we
don’t just write checks; we also volunteer our time which is often a bigger and appreciated
commitment for the organizations we work with.

Reebie’s Community Involvement & Fundraisers

  • Sunrise Rotary

We provided storage for items used for a number of charitable events.

  • Noon Rotary

We provided storage and miscellaneous services for the former Oktoberfest event in downtown Naperville for many years. This was the Noon Rotaries largest fundraiser as well.

  • Veterans Stand Down Day / Veterans Coat Drive

We serve as a depository and sorting site.

  • GiGi’s Playhouse

Reebie Storage & Moving donated our services, trucks, and manpower to move GiGi’s offices and equipment into their new state-of-the-art GiGi’s Playhouse Achievement Center, the GiGi University classrooms, and Hugs & Mugs, and into their brand new retail store run by the students in GiGi U.

  • Naper Settlement

We provided pickup and delivery and storage of artifacts to allow the Settlement to both grow and have room to maintain their display houses.

  • Loaves & Fishes Community Pantry

Whenever Reebie Storage & Moving goes out on an estimate or performs a move, we bring along a special box for our customers to donate those unopened, unwanted, non-perishable food items. Once the box is packed with these donations, Reebie picks them up and delivers the food to Loaves & Fishes where it can be distributed to local families in need.

  • JDRF Cure for Diabetes

Reebie participates in this important effort by storing and distributing the snacks and water collected for the Chicago walk-athon. Additionally, we store all of the auction items collected throughout the year and deliver them to the JDRF Annual Private Black Tie event to raise additional money.

  • Move For Hunger

Reebie Storage & Moving has partnered with Move For Hunger, a nationwide non-profit that partners with moving companies to pick up unwanted, unopened, non-perishable food items during the moving process and deliver it to local food banks in the fight against hunger.

  • United Way of Naperville

We helped out with our warehouse space and delivery of sculptures that were displayed along the Riverwalk and then sold to raise money for the cause.

  • Cubs Downstate Tornado Relief Drive

In conjunction with our partnership with the Chicago Cubs organization, Reebie donated two tractor-trailers to assist the Cubs in accepting donations and driving them down to central Illinois for the tornado relief effort.

    Reebie Storage & Moving has also provided support in time, money, and services to the following organizations:

    • Naperville Ribfest
    • Naperville Coat Drive
    • Naperville Annual Golf Outing
    • Clearbrook Organization
    • IMAWA Scholarship Fund
    • Rush University Medical Center
    • Cystic Fibrosis
    • YMCA of Northbrook
    • Chicago Food Pantry
    • Archdiocese of Chicago
    • Baldrick’s Cancer
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