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Reebie Gives Back

Posted On: 10/14/21

Reebie Moving & Storage is a proud part of the Chicago community, and works not only to please and satisfy our customers, but to consistently give back to our community. We regularly involve ourselves with various organizations that benefit and help Chicago, and seek to continue our work while providing our clients with the most…

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Moving Out of State? 10 Tips to Make Your Move Successful

Posted On: 09/20/21 | Long Distance Moving

When moving out of state, it’s important to prepare you, your household, and your household goods to make sure that you’ve planned and organized before your moving day comes. Interstate Moving is a process that takes a lot of planning to make sure that everything goes as planned on moving day, and that you have…

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Planning Your Move in Advance? Winter Moving Tips to Consider

Posted On: 09/14/21

As it starts getting colder out, you might be finding yourself facing a winter move, and are wondering how to properly prepare for it – whether bracing for the weather or elements, the move itself, or the cold. Though winter certainly isn’t the height of moving season, many often find themselves moving in the winter…

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Happy Labor Day From Reebie Storage & Moving

Posted On: 09/6/21

All of us at the Reebie headquarters would like to wish our staff and customers a safe and happy Labor Day! We look forward to working with you all throughout the rest of this year.

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Sudden Surprise Move? Tips & Tricks to Move Within 30 Days

Posted On: 08/31/21

There can be a lot of reasons why you might find yourself having to pull off a move in less than 30 days. Whether you’ve gotten relocated for work, found a new job in a new area, decide not to renew your lease last minute, or just want a change in surroundings, a last minute…

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Staying Motivated & Organized While Packing For A Move

Posted On: 08/23/21

Not many people would consider themselves to be ‘excited’ to pack up all of their things and then unpack everything. Many dread it. However, the easiest way to make packing go quickly and seamlessly is to keep yourself motivated and organized. Packing doesn’t have to be boring, stressful and tedious – get motivated and get…

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Planning Ahead: How to Prevent Wasting Food While Moving

Posted On: 08/15/21

The transition period right before moving to a new place can be difficult to plan for a lot of reasons, but especially when it comes to going grocery shopping or in using up all the food you already have in your refrigerator or pantry. If you’re not moving far, it can be easy to conserve…

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What To Get Rid Of Before Moving

Posted On: 08/7/21

When conducting a move, any one item being out of place or not accounted for is enough to send you over the edge with stress and throw you completely off of your rhythm. A big issue in this is knowing what to pack and what do get rid of before the move itself. Letting go…

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What to Look for When Hiring Chicago Movers

Posted On: 07/30/21

If you’re moving to or from a city or a high-rise apartment, getting your things to or from your new location can be a lot more complicated than suburban moving. To keep your spirits high and your stress levels low, it’s important to find movers who are well experienced and equipped for city moves.  …

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Packing 101: How to Pack Fragile Items Carefully

Posted On: 06/17/21 | Residential Moving

Knowing what and how to pack your things can be a confusing and stressful process in order to make sure everything stays safe and sound. This feeling is only exacerbated when packing fragile items, like glasses, antiques, or porcelain. Read below for some easy tips on how to pack fragile items and keep them safe….

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How to Prepare for Your Cross Country Moving Endeavor

Posted On: 06/8/21

Whether you’re moving to a neighboring state or across the country, long-distance moves can turn into stressful and costly projects if you don’t plan properly. These sorts of moves require a huge amount of preparation and planning to ensure everything goes smoothly. You definitely don’t want to attempt cross country moving without any plan of…

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Packing 101: Some Basic Tips To Get You Started

Posted On: 05/15/21

Everyone has that one friend who swears never to move or deal with a move again right after they finish unpacking all of their things. We can all agree that packing everything up, moving your whole life in a truck to a new location, and then having to unpack and organize everything in a new…

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Working From Home? How to Choose Your New Town or City

Posted On: 05/8/21

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many offices that originally went virtual for safety reasons have since made the decision to keep their offices and employees virtual permanently. Working virtually comes with a lot of perks, from going to meetings in sweatpants to being able to sit in the comfort of your own living…

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Reimagining Workspaces

Posted On: 04/30/21

by Ricardo Ramos on Apr 14, 2021 COVID-19 has presented companies across the world with unique challenges. Given the nature of the pandemic, many industries had to swiftly adapt to brand new ways of working – specifically, remote working. After an entire year of working from home, nationwide eligibility for the COVID vaccine has finally…

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How to Prepare for Spring Moving Season!

Posted On: 04/22/21

Did you know that spring is the most popular time to move? This is true due to several factors: warmer weather, longer days, and moving company discounts and incentives are all part of the reason why. It’s also the most popular time of the year for the real estate market. Spring move season is just…

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Chicago Area Long Distance Move Experts Are Here to Help

Posted On: 04/14/21 | Long Distance Moving

Transporting your life across the country is a big undertaking, and you should have the support of a trusted moving company who will go above and beyond expectations to assist you. Reebie Storage & Moving, along with our affiliation with Allied Van Lines has the reputation and expertise when it comes to cross-country moving that…

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Reebie Allied is Proud to Be a Partner of Move for Hunger

Posted On: 04/6/21

Reebie Storage & Moving, along with their affiliated company Allied Van Lines are proud to be partners of Move for Hunger, a charity organization that organizes food donations on behalf of moving customers. When you move and have extra food in your pantry, Move for Hunger makes sure that your food gets to people in…

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Chicago COVID & Moving – How to Stay Safe While the City Opens Up

Posted On: 03/30/21

As the COVID pandemic continues, many of us are beginning to go back to some of our regular activities with caution. Schools, churches, movie theaters, and gyms have been opening at varying speeds across the country, and depending on where you are in the nation, the way your town or city is operating can be…

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Allied Van Lines Recognized by Newsweek as One of America’s Best Customer Service Providers for 2021

Posted On: 03/18/21

Brands Selected Based on an Independent Survey of More Than 20,000 American Customers Allied Van Lines, one of the world’s largest moving companies, is proud to announce that for the second consecutive year, it has been named one of America’s Best Customer Service Providers in the Moving Services category based on an independent survey, commissioned…

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Home Improvement Projects for Spring Move Season

Posted On: 03/5/21

Spring is right around the corner, which means many people are preparing to move. Spring is the most popular time of the year to buy a home or put your house on the market. A few touch-up projects can go a long way if you are putting your house up for sale. Plus, with all…

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Storage Services in Chicago

Posted On: 02/27/21

In need of some storage space? Whether you just need a small unit for overflow of your personal belongings, or a larger space to keep business equipment, Reebie Storage & Moving has got you covered. We offer a variety of storage solutions that are unique from other storage companies. Here is a run-down of some…

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COVID Moving Safety FAQ

Posted On: 02/13/21

With few signs of the novel coronavirus slowing down in sight, we thought it would be a good moment to answer some questions you may have about moving during the pandemic. Reebie Storage & Moving Company is proud to be an essential service, lending our expertise to those who need to move during this uncertain…

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How to Get an Accurate Moving Estimate

Posted On: 02/2/21

Moving can be stressful for a variety of reasons but doing your research before selecting a moving company can really save you time, money, and a headache in the long run. Getting an accurate moving estimate is the best way to ensure a smooth moving experience. We’ve compiled a list to help: Don’t settle on the…

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Moving During Coronavirus?

Posted On: 01/24/21

The current pandemic has altered life as we know it. It has restricted businesses, education, and movement. To some of us, even going to the grocery store can feel like a dangerous outing. So what about moving? Whatever your current circumstances are, you will need to assess whether or not it is important for you…

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Preparing to Move: 10 Decluttering Tips

Posted On: 01/10/21

We all seem to have a little too much clutter, right? Whether you are getting ready to put your house on the market, preparing to move by organizing and packing, or just want to settle more into your current home – decluttering always seems to be a good idea. Here are some decluttering tips to…

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Why You Should Hire A Licensed Moving Company?

Posted On: 12/23/20

You’ve completed what felt like an impossible feat and found a new place to live, whether it’s near or far. Once the dust settles and the paperwork is signed, you realizing moving there is another lengthy process. Hiring a licensed moving company is a great solution when it comes to making a move a stress-free…

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Moving In Winter: A Complete Guide to Moving and Packing

Posted On: 12/15/20

Winter is the time for the holidays, the snow, sledding, and making snow angels, but most people do not associate it with moving. As beautiful as it can look, winter means freezing weather and potentially snow. Sometimes, we are left with no choice when it comes to the moving date. If you have to deal…

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How To Select the Right Moving Company – A Complete Checklist

Posted On: 11/20/20 | moving company

Moving is challenging, from finding the right home to selecting the right moving company to meet your needs. Choosing the right Chicago movers means trusting someone else with most of your belongings as well as the day of the move. As you’re searching for Chicago local movers, you want to find the right moving company…

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Residential Moving: Benefits Of Hiring A Moving Company

Posted On: 11/16/20 | Residential Moving

You finally found the place of your dreams and now have to figure out a way to move all of your belongings. There are many ways to accomplish that goal, such as moving everything on your own or with family, but there are many benefits to hiring a moving company. Residential moving services can get…

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Stay in the City or Purchase a Lake Home? Chicago Movers Weigh In

Posted On: 11/10/20 | Long Distance Moving

In one of our recent blog posts titled ‘Chicago Families are Leaving the City and Moving to the Suburbs’, we took a look at some of the reasons why city-dwellers are making the great escape to less crowded areas of the country. The COVID-19 pandemic and outcomes of it have altered life significantly in countless…

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Tips for Choosing a Local Moving Company in Chicago

Posted On: 10/30/20

Chicago is one of the most exciting cities in the country. It comes as no surprise that so many people want to live in the “Windy City.” Are you planning a move to this culturally-rich city? You’ll want to be sure to choose the best local movers in Chicago. Let’s take a look at what…

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Chicagoans Are Moving Out of the City

Posted On: 10/23/20 | Residential Moving | Residential Moving Company

Urban residents are making a splash in the real estate market, by showing interest and purchasing more homes outside of metro areas than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic mixed with other factors laid out by Fox 32 Chicago anchors (violent crime, civil unrest, closed schools, and high urban taxes) have made city-dwelling less appealing for…

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Three Things to Know About Long-Distance Moving Companies

Posted On: 09/15/20 | Long Distance Moving

For those of you that have ever completed a long-distance move, you know that it can be a difficult, frustrating, and confusing endeavor. For those that have not done this before, but are facing this challenge in the near future, you probably already are starting to notice some of these issues. From long lists of…

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Choosing a Reliable Storage and Moving Company

Posted On: 09/15/20

Outside of the people we love, there are few things we want to protect in our lives as much as our homes and the valuable items stored in them. While we are living in the homes, we take important measures to protect out valuable, such as buying home security systems. So, it stands to reason…

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