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Cross Country Moving

Best Cross Country Movers Chicago

Reebie Storage and Moving is the best and most affordable Cross Country movers in Chicago with over 138 years of unrivaled experience in transporting people and goods.

What is a Cross Country Move?

It is a long distance move to a new state.  While the name implies a move to the other side of the country, they are generally thought to be moves to any distant state.

When moving to a new state, especially one that is more than a few hundred miles away, your move is regulated under federal rules and authorities.  In order for a moving company to provide interstate moving, they must be licensed by the US Department of Transportation. 

Interstate moves require different licenses, equipment, and services and as such, not all movers can handle them. It is important to verify that your move is federally licensed to perform interstate moves.

Plus, the pricing of cross-country moves is determined differently than a local move. Cross-country move transportation prices are typically based on the distance and weight of the shipment/move.

It is common for a cross-country mover to belong to a multi-location national van line, like Allied Van Lines, which has interstate moving authority and the resources to perform a move to a new state.


Reebie Cross Country Moving Company

As a quality award-winning Allied agent cross-country movers Chicago, Reebie has the skills, resources, and capabilities to manage your Chicago cross-country move, no matter how far.

Call us today to start your stress-free Chicago cross-country move.

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