We wanted to thank you for your assistance in our move to Ludington, MI.

We selected Reebie, not because they were necessarily theleast expensive, but because of the overall package Mr. LoBianco presented – we felt their storage pricing would be better for us, just in case we were extended beyond 30 days.

And another reason for our selection was because of Mr. LoBianco’s approach & professionalism – not that the other bidders were nonprofessional, we just simply “felt more comfortable…” with Bob.

As it goes, our forethoughts about needing extended storage time were right on – our unit did not finish the first week in April.  When this happened, we called Bob and he was able to extend us through April and into May.  We thought not having negotiated longer storage rates up front would put us at a disadvantage, but Bob was professional all the way through and quoted us what we felt was a very reasonable rate for the additional storage time.

We called Bob this past Monday, May 19th, when it looked like we would be closing today, Friday, May 23, 2008.  Bob quickly got back to us, and somehow managed to schedule delivery of our items for today, just ahead of the Memorial Day Weekend and just after our 9:00am closing.  The timing was perfect, and we really appreciated having our “stuff” again after twelve weeks of living from two suitcases.  Thank you Bob, thank you Reebie Relocation!

And we also want to specifically thank “some of the others” at Reebie…

Krystal Czerwinski, Customer Service Manager at Reebie.  Krystal was our office contact and was absolutely wonderful.  She coordinated the billing and logistics.  She called to find out how things were going when the crew arrived on March 4th to take our belongings to storage.  And she called today to find out how things were going when another crew delivered our “stuff.”

And both moving crews were great – very professional, very courteous and very careful.  We didn’t find so much as a wall nicked, or anything damaged.  Mr. Martinez was the crew leader for pickup, Mr. Ranaro for delivery.  Upon arriving, both crews immediately introduced themselves – this immediately made us feel comfortable.  The pickup crew carefully wrapped and loaded everything, protecting floors… wherever needed.  The delivery crew carefully protected flooring and surroundings, as they brought our belongings up the elevator, and down the hall to our new home.  They unwrapped everything and asked where we wanted our items placed.  They also removed all shipping containers and shrink wrap, leaving us with no mess.  Folks in our building were pleased, commenting how nice the crew was and how quickly they made the delivery, minimizing elevator and entrance time.  In a time of newness and uncertainty for us, both crews provided a very pleasing and comforting experience.

Overall, we are very pleased with Reebie, and glad we made them our selection!

And we extend our appreciation to you Janice, Thank you all for your professionalism and outstanding customer service!

Take care…

Mike and Linda Lenich
Ludington, MI