This letter is to let you know what wonderful employees you have.i.e., Renzo Luiz, Adrian DeLa Cruz, and Angel Vela.  I have to admit there was a lot of anticipation and fear moving my company.  But the mentioned gentlemen made it so easy and took out all the stress associated with this experience.

I have been in the trucking business for 21 years, and I must say Mr. Renzo Luiz, Mr. Adrian DeLa Cruz, and Angle Vela are the most considerate, respectful, hard working and get it done kind of guys.  They make you feel like you have nothing to worry about.  These men took such great care of all my possessions and were all about pleasing their customer.  I cannot say more about having the pleasure of these gentlemen move my belongings.

Please let them know I appreciate them very much and would like to thank them again.  It was an honor to do business with your company. I will recommend your company to everyone.  It was the most delightful experience, when it comes to moving, I have ever had.