I wanted to make sure to take just a few moments to express how satisfied I have been with the handling of my move from beginning to end.

The guys showed up promptly at 8:30am, and were hard at work almost instantly.

They were professional, considerate and very hard working.

The foreman Zach had everything under control right away, and was very sensitive to both my requests and concerns, which was an absolute plus, and something I had never experienced in my many moves.

Your estimates on time required was right on the money, and the crew did a fantastic job at keeping up with the workload…

As stressful as a move can be, those guys really made it easy to work through the day.

I mentioned I moved many, many times, but I have to be fair, this was my best move by far!

I will definitely put a good word for all of you guys, you can count on that.


Thank you so much for everything, it was an absolute pleasure doing business with all of you.





Ms Laurence Pallez

Assistant Product Manager

PanAmerican Seed Company