Take heart! Before our move. I checked Google and Yelp and was. frankly, concerned by the user reviews. Of EVERY mover. Almost every one of them was very negative, no matter the company. But

then I stepped back and checked the numbers. With few exceptions, there were no more than 150 reviews of a mover. But these national franchise guys must do 150 moves – at least – each week- So it seemed very likely that the vast majority of reviews were done by folks who had had a bad experience – trust me. If things go well, you have a lot more important things to do than write an on-line review. Our move went well and the only reason I got around to posting this is that I had added a reminder to my

calendar. Our move ended about 30 days ago. Our Reebie estimator was on time and fairly accurate as to the weight of our items. The moving crew showed up as scheduled. protected our floors, did no damage our walls, packed our beds and artwork (we did the other 194 boxes), and were out in under 2.5

hours. In that time, they also packed and removed a piano that they will be storing for us for four years.

When we were ready to close, we called and they gave us a four-day window for delivery and arrived on Day 3. Again, they were timely and careful. They were easy to work with in checking-in each Item against the list of items shipped. We only needed about 10 minutes to dig through the stacks of boxes to find about five items that were either un-numbered for some reason or which I had missed.

Damages: Two items were slightly damaged as they crew was re-assembling them. They used power tools to reattach mirrors to furniture In the bedrooms. In each case, they managed to push a screw too far and it came out through the front of the mirror’s frame. The damage was minor and we fixed it with a bit of pushing and Old English. No big deal to us, but you might have been upset. One thin-walled glass vase was broken. But we had packed it and there was no damage to the box so. my-bad. (A dozen other pieces of crystal arrived without damage as did all of our China. several Gobble figurines, 40+ pieces of crystal glassware and all of the art that they packed. A family heirloom, 2-foot, handmade, wooden model of a sailing ship was specially crated and delivered without damage to It or its glass case.)

As for improvements. there were some misunderstandings through the process as they occasronally used jargon (not intending to confuse, but that was the effect) or failed to explain what was going on, as in why did they send me a new estimate just before delivery. It took a few inquiries to learn that they are required to by law after Items are in storage for 180 days. Their data processing system could use a tweak or two. They are properly billing us monthly for storing the piano – each bill showing an amount due, despite the fact that I pre-paid for the entire year. They tell me that their system cannot do otherwise. 80, In summary, there were no surprises as to pricing or servtces. And they were usually quick to answer phone calls and emails. The crews were careful, neat. and courteous. AII-in-all. a fairly painless experience. so don’t lose heart.