“I hired Reebie to move me from Elgin, IL to Lansing, MI when I changed jobs. I ended my old job on a Friday and started the newjob 0n the following Monday. As you might imagine, things were really crazy then. Without Reebie’s help I would never have pulled it off. I live alone so I hired them to help me pack as well as move my belongings. I worked from home while the packers carefully boxed all my belongs. The next day the movers came in and loaded me in less than 6 hours. In that 6 hours they also loaded my two motorcycles. To say I’m meticulous about my bikes is an understatement! They explained how they wanted to pack them and then had me inspect the packjob before they would continue. These guys were not bikers, but they understood what those machines meant to me!! They arrived at my new condo 1/2 hour early the following Monday and had me unloaded in 3 hours! Not one thing was damaged in any way, including my bikes. Getting the move done was the thing I was stressing about the most and Reebie made it the easiest part of relocating!! One last note: Sandra Truillo, my Customer Care Agent, stayed in contact with me the whole time, answering all my questions and helping me get everything taken care of. She even helped me straighten out a payment mistake that I made with my new employer after Reebie was all done with the move. Excellent customer service!!!