Ahhh, moving! That special time in everyone’s life when the stress levels go higher than the latest rocket launch you witnessed last summer. Those bells and whistles – sorry, make that the horrific sound of your expensive fine China smashing on the floor in a desperate attempt to pack all fragile items on your own…Need we say more?

Relocating to a new address, city, or state is most definitely one of the most demanding and stressful events in the life of a person. And while the reasons of your move might be joyful and you cannot wait to turn over a new leaf in your new home, there are so many things to concern yourself with the excitement will slowly, but surely start to fade away and die soon.

Decisionscar key

You have a lot of difficult choices to tackle: what real estate agent to hire to sell your old home, what type of home to move into, the budget for your new furniture and appliances. Now just think of the actual logistics of your move – the literal tons of items you need to carry from your old place to your new dream home. However, will you do it? If you are like most Americans, you may be thinking how nice it would be to actually save some money while you are at it, no? So the idea of using your own car and making 3 to 5 drives back and forth might pop into your head. There is no way you can carry all of your items + your grandma’s piano + your antique drawers in just one trip! So is this truly going to save you money?

Of course, there is always the alternative of hiring a professional mover. And if you are lucky enough to have come across our website, we can tell you right now that you are not going to regret using plan B. But don’t trust us just yet, here are the arguments we want to bring to the table.

Why Using Your Car To Move Is A Bad Idea

Now don’t get us wrong. If you only own a couple of t-shirts and a blow-dryer, you can definitely drive to your new home with no extra hassle. But if you have accumulated quite some prized possessions over the years, and you just cannot say goodbye to all/any of it, you may need some extra space. And a moving van or two can provide you with just that.

While you may be in total control over your move, since you will be running the entire show, you may also feel overwhelmed and unable to make the simplest calls because of your lack of experience. Which routes to take, how to safely pack your things so you won’t damage them, how to keep your possessions/car safe from potential crooks when crossing the country behind the wheel – there are tons of things that have probably not crossed your mind just yet.

Are You Up For It?

Sure, you can always rent a u-haul, but can you also drive it (as well as a professional moving company driver would)? Yeah, but you can at least pack your things exactly how you want it, and you won’t have to worry about sealing all the boxes and having them ready for when the movers get to your place. Right? Well, if you come to think of it, this is actually a good thing – to be organized and have everything secured and ready for transportation with zero delays. After all, your goal is to complete the move as safe and fast as possible. Besides, you will also need to do all the heavy lifting and squeeze everything in that tiny trunk and on the backseats. Then repeat a couple more times, in case you’ve left something behind.

And what if someone breaks into your car and steals your smart TV while you were making a pit stop at a gas station? Or you discover that you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your car on your way to your new home? Sure you can call a 20-minute response team like this one here https://get-locksmith.com/services/car-lockout and get back behind the wheel in no time. But wouldn’t it be better to not have to worry about all these things – and pay the extra money – to begin with? An expert mover will save you from all the hassle without having to lift a single finger. Just make sure you grab all your spare keys to your car before hitting the road see that your locks and ignition are working fine. You don’t want to be left behind because of a faulty lock on your car on your big moving day!