This time of the year is usually the height of moving season. COVID-19 has slowed the moving industry down a bit. If you’re thinking of moving this summer, you may want to go about planning your move a little bit differently than you would usually. Reebie Storage & Moving company is proud to be in business, as an essential service, helping customers throughout the Chicago region relocate during this trying time. Here are some summer moving tips to help you get started with your plans.


  1. Ask around: call multiple moving companies (3-5) to get the best quality service at the best rate.
  2. Ask about safety protocols: while you’re getting your estimates, ask each moving company what they are doing to combat the spread of the virus. Ask yourself if their company practices make you feel safe.
  3. Pace yourself: if you get organized with your packing, and do it little by little rather than all at once, you are much more likely to have an easier time.
  4. Stay healthy: monitor your health and others living in your home. If anyone should fall ill be sure to contact your moving company immediately. Take vitamins and limit your exposure to the outside world as much as possible.
  5. Manage your stress: moving is stressful at any time – moving during the pandemic is even worse. Have fun with the process, and try not to worry too much, while still keeping yourself safe.


If you’re planning on moving during the summer, follow these summer moving tips to help get you started. And for all of your moving and storage needs, contact Reebie Storage & Moving Company.