As a renter, one of the greatest advantages you can enjoy is the freedom to move around and decide exactly where you want to live with almost zero restrictions. That is, if we can completely disregard the financial factor that tends to influence our rental decisions more than we would like to admit. There are lots of pros and cons associated to renting a property, but safety should definitely become a primary concern to you, especially if you plan on sharing your apartment or condo with other people. If you have already made the big purchase and you are now officially the owner of a house or apartment, you will need to concern yourself with a series of additional security elements.

Here are a few clever tips that should help you simplify your life as a homeowner, and keep things safe and simple at all time.

Never Show That Your Home Is Empty

Whether you travel a lot or just occasionally, you will want to avoid advertising the fact that your home has remained empty for even a short period of time. Opportunist thieves will usually take advantage of even the smallest change they can get to make their way into a house using a windows that was accidentally left open, or even a damaged rooftop or the front door. If you normally run a lot of quick errands to nearby grocery shops or drugstores, and you have the habit of leaving the front door unlocked, it’s time to change things.

Also, if you have recently bought a place, chances are you will be gone dozens of times a day, buying appliances and decorations, signing deals and shopping for cable and internet services.

Unfortunately, home break-ins are far more common that what you probably imagine. According to official FBI Criminal Justice Information reports, more than 1,200,000 properties are being burglarized on a yearly basis. Do not become part of the worrisome statistics.

Have someone pick up your pile of newspapers, if you plan on going somewhere soon after you have bought the property, o you are unable to move in straight away. Get friendly with your nearest neighbors, get the feel of their own home security measures and try to find out if you should worry about any neighborhood burglary incidents.

Having your lawn mowed by a specialist or one of your neighbors is also recommended for similar purposes, in case you cannot move in right away and handle things yourself.

Change Locks

One of the most efficient ways of making sure you will be moving into a safe home from day one is to hire a residential locksmith prior to moving in your furniture. Ask them to re-key the locks on the main entryways, windows included, or have the locks replaced with brand new – and better – sets.

You should have no problem coming across a locksmith for house, as the business continues to be on high demand worldwide. Just make sure you opt for an authorized and insured/bonded company that should give you more peace of mind.

Have a home alarm fitted, if your new home does not already have one installed. Consider opting for movement sensors and monitoring cameras inside as well as around the house.

Be careful about the things you choose to share online, such as the location of your new home or the new appliances you have bought for it.