Moving brings with it challenges, not the least of which is cost. When you are facing an upcoming move you have to decide whether you will move your things yourself or hire a professional company. It seems more fiscally conservative to do it yourself but most of the time the amount of time you put into moving yourself negate any of that monetary savings. So what considerations should help you in your decision?

  • Efforts and Manpower
  • Effectiveness
  • Supplies
  • Expense
  • Equipment

How Much Effort it Takes

It is physically demanding and exhausting to move and most people enlist the help of their close friends who agree to an entire day if not weekend of hard labor in exchange for pizza and beer which, for those on the other end never seems quite enough. At best to manpower received from friends and family is going to be mediocre with people struggling to figure out the best way to move an angled couch so that I can be brought up or down the stairs, and people incorrectly packing your favorite set of books. With a moving company these are professionals who have specific work ethic brought about by being compensated for their efforts. They are highly qualified and they have the physical attributes needed to handle unwieldy objects, work with tight corners, stairs, elevators, and more. They make the most of their time.

Equipment and Supplies

Beyond that you have to consider the expense of things like equipment and supplies. When you move yourself you might have to lift something heavy which means you need lifting straps. You might need back braces, if you don’t have a dolly you might have to rent one. Moving heavy items can be physically dangerous if you don’t do it the right way. Professional movers know the proper loading and lifting techniques so that no part of the body is stressed. They get special training on the right safety techniques for all types of moving situations what’s more, they bring with them the equipment so that you don’t have to pay extra to rent at yourself. Furniture will be properly wrapped so that it doesn’t get damaged when it’s moved into and out of the moving truck. Larger items like antique furniture or pianos are going to be moved significantly more safely with a professional.

Then you have to consider supplies. Most people don’t have a large number of boxes in various sizes as well as packing material just lying around and this is quite expensive when you purchase it from us supply store. You might think that the expense is lower when you do it yourself but there’s no guarantee that you will have the supplies you need within the budget you have. The supply cost of alone can be very high but professional movers offer rates that include supplies and manpower which is going to be over all significantly cheaper.

moving is never easy

And then you really have to consider the effectiveness. When you try to do the move on your own you are going to face many trials in the middle of the process such as having to move your truck after it gets parked illegally, or receiving an expensive parking ticket. If you don’t have the right padding and you live in a big building with elevators you could receive a serious fine for not taping the padding around the inside of the elevator doors. You might not have something to prop open your front door and when everyone is ready to start moving furniture you realize there’s no way to keep the door open while people are shuffling in and out with heavy boxes and heavy furniture. If you have carpet, you might not think about getting special padding or covers for the carpet or to put around the door frames and then when you sign off on the lease for an existing apartment the extra damages and cleaning fees resulting from the move will drain all of your security deposit.

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