So, after a long time you’ve finally decided to get started with your home moving. It’s for sure the most important decision you’ve ever had to make and, you already know, it’s going to absorb all of your mental and physical strength. Yeah, a home moving takes much patience, organization skills, efforts and that could have easily become a big source of stress. That’s why most people are literally scared of moving. And that’s why we are here to help with these smart home moving tricks and tips!

Ready To Get Rid Of The “Moving Nightmare”?

Although it might seem daunting, you can experience a smooth and plain home moving if you learn “how” to handle the entire process from A to Z. Packing, labeling packs and all the rest won’t scare you anymore!

  1. Moving boxeshome moving boxes
    These are essentials to every moving. You can choose between buying moving boxes or saving money by using free boxes from groceries and stores, for example. They will be happy to let you take their boxes, that’s for sure.
  2. Select your stuff
    While packing things for a home moving, so many people find useless or broken items that they decide to throw away. So, prepare to go through a serious selection of what you really want to take to the new home and what you can donate, eliminate or recycle anyway. This stage of your moving takes its time, so don’t be in a hurry and plan it in advance.
  3. Schedule your tasks
    We all know that moving is a really stressful experience, if other because of so many tasks to do. We suggest you prepare a schedule so as to avoid end up overwhelmed with things to do at the last minute.
  4. Take pictures
    That’s not for nostalgic feelings of your old home, but simply because you may struggle to find the right order of certain items in the new home. For example, you may need to see how to plug wires to connect your TV, computer or any other electronic device.
  5. First-Need items
    When preparing packs for a home moving, it’s important to keep in mind what items are essentials as you will need to use them to the 11th hour. So, start to pack things from the less used ones (for example, if it’s summertime start to pack winter clothes first).
  6. Safely pack fragile items
    Cuttlery, lightbulbs and other items made of glass or fragile materials require specific attention when packing. Get abundant foam disposable to use in between fragile items, so they won’t break. You can also use weak tissues or anything that suits to avoid fragile materials to get damaged during a home moving.
  7. Label boxeslabeled boxes
    The typical mess of moving is a scaring scenario, we know. People have really low chances to guess what’s in each of their countless packs! That’s why we suggest you prepare a sufficient number of the label, one for each box, so you won’t get confused once in the new home.
  8. Get organized early
    As we said above, a moving might take a long time, all depending on how many packs you have to move to the new destination and from your organization skills. If you can, plan your move phases in advance, so you will be able to manage any snag without to get too late for your timeline.
  9. Movers
    Many people want to save money on their move, so they ask friends and relatives to help with their own trucks and cars moving packs from the old home to the new one. Of course, not everyone can enjoy free help from friends and relatives! So, if you have no chance but hiring a team of movers, make your research in advance and compare different rates. On the web, you can find several moving companies.
  10. Protect valuables
    Any item which has a high value in money requires special attention. Golden jewelry and other very expensive objects should be packed separately and, if you can, you should personally handle the boxes and move them to the new home.

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