Thank goodness I hired Reebie Storage for my move from a third-?oor condo to our new home in Homer Glen!

I could not be more grateful for their professionalism and speed as they helped  pack and move my family.

Until I started packing, I hadn’t realized how much stuff my two children and I had accumulated and I greatly underestimated the time it would take me to pack and get ready for my move.

Thanks to the extra boxes and three extra sets of hands, the movers and I were able to ?nish the job on moving day in just a couple of hours before heading south.

Without their help, I never would have been as organized and the move would have taken hours longer. After loading up the boxes, the three-man crew worked quickly to carefully wrap my furniture and get it on the truck without scratches and other damage.

Once we arrived at our new home, the movers covered my carpets with plastic before bringing in my stuff to avoid marks and stains.

The movers were helpful as I decided where each item needed to go and arranged furniture and boxes as requested-

I could not be more appreciative of their help and would not hesitate to hire Reebie Storage and Moving Co. again!