Holland is a small yet one of the most beautiful foreign countries in Europe. It is rich in culture, windmills, tulips, cheese markets, and world famous icons. A country that is much desired by expatriates because of the excellent quality of life. When you move to Holland, it is easy to adapt to the culture of Dutch. 

And even though the cost of living has increased, it is still below the majority of European countries. It performs well for general well-being and ranks top in work-life balance. The country has a large number of relatively affordable supermarkets and the cost of medical services is reasonable. Dutch is the official language as is Frisian, however, a large part of the population speaks English.

Moving internationally to Holland from the United States is a major event. There will be plenty of things to consider and prepare for before you head across the country to start your new life.

Good thing, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of a complicated move, you can place all your trust in an experienced partner who will perfectly organize your relocation for you. SDC International Shipping is such a partner!

Moving to Holland with SDC International Moving Services

SDC International moving company will make your transition to Holland as seamless as possible by providing top-notch international shipping methods and overseas moving services for all your household goods and vehicles. Customs clearance, packing services, shipping, special handling, international air or sea freight and even overseas vehicle shipping, the company provides them all! SDC International can make your removals to Holland a smooth, stress-free and rewarding experience.

When you move to Holland with us, SDC International will assign you highly trained and qualified personnel to handle every single step of your moving process. After that, SDC will send you a tailor-made quote for your move. They will implement the relocation after receiving your approval. SDC utilizes its cutting-edge technology in all household moving services. They have a solution for all your moving and storage needs as well as latest tracking software that allows you to track independently your valuables throughout the moving process. The trained moving specialists will thoroughly outline your moving options based on certain criteria such as:

∙         Moving Timeline – When do you need to be Holland?

∙         Real Estate Plans – Will you rent or buy a house?

∙         The family and household size – Will you be moving alone or with your family? Is it for a business or personal reasons?

∙         Type of shipment – how do you want to send the items?  International air freight or sea freight?

∙         Oversize freight shipping – Do you have items such as motorcycles, jet skis, boats, or fragile art products?

Among the benefits that you will receive when moving to Holland with SDC International Shipping are:

∙         Professional packaging services – SDC uses packing materials that ensure the complete safety of your valuables. The custom made packing material is used for fragile items. Overseas movers and packers pack everything to industry standards and create custom crate solutions for goods such as artwork and antiques.

∙         Storage warehouse monitored by state of the art surveillance – SDC International Shipping has a storage warehouse that is monitored by surveillance and patrolled nightly be security guards. SDC International also provides all-inclusive marine insurance for an added layer of protection. 

∙         Perfect storage facility – SDC International has a perfect storage facility for you with controlled climate, controlled entry, CCTV, and custom made storage units in different sizes for all customers storage needs.

∙         Information about the rules, restrictions, and regulations of the Holland

∙         A door to door services

∙         Accessible and competitive rates

∙         Personal assistant specialized in moving


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