Lemont Movers

Reebie Storage & Moving is ready to serve you, and help you get to wherever you need to go. We are trusted Lemont movers with a 140 year old and growing reputation around Chicago. Whether you need local moving services or an international moving crew – we have the professionalism and the know-how to move you with ease.

Small Moves

Relocating to a new apartment, in or out of a dorm room, or to a nursing home are some examples of moves that you may or may not wish to do yourself. If you want the help of a professional moving team, we can help. If you’re more interested in a Do-It-Yourself approach, our smartbox portable storage and moving service may be for you. Read all about it here.

Large Moves

The professional movers at Reebie are ready to help you with your next move no matter the size or scale. Some examples of large moves are: moving a large family home, office, or business. We can help you move down the street, cross country, or even across the ocean. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Reebie Storage & Moving has been a top-rated moving company since 1880. We are reliable Lemont movers who are ready to serve you. Fill out our free move quote today to get started.