There’s nothing more stressful and time-demanding like moving home. For many people, moving home is one of the most difficult experiences in life. You have your move date and the place where you are moving, but you don’t know how to manage the time from now to the move date and that’s what creates a lot of confusion and stress.

First Steps To Take Before The Day Of Movehome movers

You may find useful guides on how to manage your move, what to pack first and what to pack on the day before the move, but maybe it’s not enough to help. What you need is a comprehensive and simple guide to learn how to organize each phase of your home moving process because, yeah, it’s a long and delicate process.

A home move demands all of your energy and mental focus, so it’s better to start planning it at least eight weeks before the date of the move. Eight weeks mean two months in advance, so you have plenty of time to manage your tasks.

  1. One of the first things that you have to do is looking for trusted and qualified home movers unless you can rent a truck and move. You can find reliable people to hire on several online platforms, where you can also look for handymen in a variety of fields. Prosco is an excellent platform for carpet cleaners, home movers, flooring services, roofing repairs and a lot of different residential services and maintenance services providers.
  2. About six weeks before you move, you should start to declutter your home and see what you have to throw or sell or donate, and what you want to take with you. Normally, most people realize they have a ton of useless things during this stage. Take your time to select your stuff. You should also start to use up the food in your fridge and freezer so you won’t have to move it.
  3. When it’s about four weeks before the “big day”, you should buy boxes and start to label them. Consider that the home movers you hired will work better if you take care of labeling every single box, they will know what’s inside and how to handle without damaging anything. Start to pack outdoor items and things that you aren’t using at the moment.boxes
  4. Half a month is gone and you have only two weeks left. Probably, this is the time when most people begin to feel anxious and stressed out, but if you’ve done everything the right way during the previous weeks, you won’t have any reason to feel like that. As you finish packing your stuff, clean all the rooms and bathrooms. Don’t forget to transfer your kids’ school documents.
  5. You are about to say “goodbye” to your home… only a week is left! You may feel like you are in front of a very difficult event in your life. If you are sad about leaving your home, just think positively and imagine that you will surely have millions of happy days in your new home, it’s just a matter of adjusting a little during your first days. Start to pack personal items and make sure that everything is at the right place in the boxes that you’ve prepared and labeled clearly.packing stuff
  6. Last day at your old home! You’ve come to the final countdown and, of course, you are pretty tired, stressed, and all you need is to rest and have a long sleep. Just some extra efforts and soon you’ll be able to take your first sleep in your new home. Get ready for the final tasks, like walking through your home to make sure you haven’t left anything in the rooms. Check the thermostat and the electrical system, too. Put outside your garbage, check that all windows and doors are locked. Check also the garage door and see if you’ve left anything inside. Now, you are ready to go and your new home is waiting for you!

As you can see, home moving is pretty demanding, but if you are well organized you can do it the right way. Many home movers can give you bits of advice about how to label your boxes and how to pack particular items that might get easily damaged during the moving. For example, glass vases or mirrors require extra care when packing. Finally, make sure to pack your valuable items in a suitcase that only you will handle.