Corporate International Relocation Services

Corporate International Moving Services

Corporate international relocation, also known as expatriate assignments, involves the transfer of employees from one country to another by their company. This practice has become increasingly common as businesses expand globally, seeking to tap into new markets, establish subsidiaries or branches in foreign countries, and leverage international talent. However, corporate international relocation presents several challenges, both for the employees being relocated and for the companies managing the process. Reebie Allied’s corporate international relocation services will help you to easily manage these challenges and make your moving process much easier.


Challenges of a corporate international relocation


  • Legal procedures – One of the primary challenges of corporate international relocation is navigating the legal and regulatory landscape of the destination country. Every country has its own set of laws, regulations, and bureaucratic procedures that companies must comply with. These can include obtaining permits, licenses, and visas, complying with local labor laws, tax regulations, and customs regulations, and ensuring compliance with trade and investment regulations. Navigating these legal and regulatory requirements can be time-consuming, complicated, and costly, and failure to comply can result in fines, penalties, and legal disputes. Additionally, language barriers and differences in legal systems can further complicate the process, requiring companies to seek local legal counsel and translation services to ensure compliance.


  • Logistics – Logistical complexities also pose significant challenges in a corporate international relocation. Moving a company and its operations to a foreign country involves various logistical considerations, such as transportation of goods, infrastructure, supply chain management, and establishing a local presence. Companies must carefully plan and execute the physical relocation of assets, including office spaces, equipment, and inventory, which can be time-consuming, costly, and subject to import/export regulations. Infrastructure and logistical challenges, such as differences in transportation systems, power supply, and communication networks, may require significant investments and adjustments to ensure smooth operations. Establishing a local presence, such as setting up offices or production facilities, requires navigating local real estate markets, negotiating leases, and dealing with construction or renovation processes. All these logistical complexities can pose significant challenges and delays, impacting the timeline and cost of the international relocation.


  • Human resources – Managing employees during an international relocation can be complex, including issues such as talent retention, recruitment, compensation, and benefits. Relocating employees may face challenges such as cultural adjustment, language barriers, and separation from family and friends, which can impact their productivity and well-being. Companies must develop strategies to manage these challenges, including providing support services such as language training, cultural integration programs, and assistance with housing, schooling, and healthcare. Companies may also face challenges in attracting and retaining local talent, understanding local labor markets, and complying with local labor laws and regulations. Compensation and benefits packages may need to be adjusted to align with local practices and cost of living, which requires careful planning and negotiation. Managing human resources and talent effectively during an international relocation is critical to maintaining a skilled and motivated workforce and ensuring the success of the relocation process.


  • Expenses – Furthermore, managing the costs associated with international relocations may pose a major challenge for companies. Relocating employees to a foreign country can be expensive, involving costs such as travel, visas and work permits, housing, transportation, and relocation allowances. Organizations need to allocate sufficient resources and budget for these costs, which can impact their bottom line. Organizations may also face challenges in managing the tax implications of international relocations, as tax laws and regulations vary from country to country. Organizations need to ensure compliance with local tax laws and provide appropriate support to employees to manage their tax obligations. Failure to do so can result in financial and legal consequences for both the employee and the organization.


How Reebie’s corporate international relocation services can help?


Reebie’s fast and effective corporate international relocation services guarantee a smooth and peaceful transition for your company and employees. We can move you anywhere in the globe as an Allied International agent because we have the right tools, resources, and know-how to do it. Our expertise and commitment to our work will ensure a unique moving experience for all our clients. Here is how we manage your relocation.

  • An inventory of your items and a moving estimate will be done before your relocation.
  • You can then schedule your relocation with our moving experts at Reebie and talk about various services like packing, specialist transportation, and move dates.
  • We shall set up all the paper works that you need to confirm your relocation and begin your international travel.
  • Your things will be properly packed and loaded by our international moving company so that they may travel a long distance safely.
  • Your possessions will be expertly wrapped and packed, and a thorough inventory of each item in your shipment will be made.
  • With our online shipment tracking system, you can then follow up on your package at every stage of the process.
  • As customs clearance may be a complicated and stressful process, we take care of it for you so you do not have to.
  • When we get to your location, our team will gently unpack your possessions into their assigned rooms after unloading them from the truck.
  • We will clear the area of all trash and packing supplies.


Partner with us for your next corporate international relocation

When you choose Reebie for your corporate international relocation, you also receive the Allied Advantage, partnering with one of the largest van lines in the world. Reebie is the #1 Allied agent, and the benefits you reap from this partnership for corporate international relocation are unparalleled. Contact us at the earliest to get a quote or schedule a free consultation with our experts.

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