When you are preparing for an upcoming move do you have to deal with a great deal of stress starting with finding a new location, and ending with choosing your moving company. Before you pick a company make sure that you do your due diligence. Check on:

  • Price
  • Licensing
  • Insurance
  • Policies

moving company truck

Finding proper licenses

Start by making sure the company you want to use for moving or storage has the right license to operate, something you will find by your State Licensing Board. Some states require moving companies to have special operational licenses or memberships with moving and storage association’s like the American Moving and Storage Association. If the company uses very big trucks you might ask about any permits they have from the State Transportation Authority especially if you remove is going from one state to another. Insurance is equally important. Make sure that the company has been properly bonded and has the right Professional Insurance so that there is no liability on behalf of you and your family in the event that damage happens and so that you know you will get compensation if the company damages any of your property.

Check company policies

On that note it’s really important that you look over company policies before you hire a company and pay attention to what damages you are legally allowed to seek if they should lose or otherwise damage your property. In very few cases does anything like this ever happen but it’s still important to know ahead of time what policies the company has. For example, if the moving company you hire packs and moves your items and then stores them while you make your way to the final destination, you might have to be physically present during each step of this process but they might instead ask that you only show up to sign off at the beginning of the packing process at which point you can leave. Given how much happens during a move and how little time you probably have it’s important to know when you have to remain on the premises and when you don’t.

You might have to pack all of your household goods yourself and then sign a form that states there are no illegal items in your boxes. If you have guns, most states require that you packed the guns and the ammunition separately. If you have plants or animals you are moving it’s important to know what the moving truck policy is particularly if you are crossing state lines. It will do you a world of good to know what documentation you need ahead of time, what you have to sign, and anything else you have to do during this process. The last thing you want is for the moving company you choose to show up and be unable to complete the job because of administrative problems.

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Remember to that the best price is not the cheapest price. These are two very different things. The cheapest possible price means that you’re getting the cheapest possible service to and that’s not what you want. In fact, what you should look for in a moving company is something called a “not to exceed” quote. This is a binding quotes that prevents the company from charging you any extra money if the total amount of your shipment turns out to be higher than what was estimated. This is going to be much better for you than hiring a company that charges you the lowest price per mile or per pound because the finer print my add extra fees for things like late delivery, heavy items such as pianos, or homes that have multiple flights of stairs. Some companies even charge more for moves during the spring and summer season or around popular holidays. It’s simply best to look at all the fine print before you pick a company.