If we’ve learned anything over the past couple of years, it’s to embrace and accept change, no matter what form it might come in. This is especially true when it comes to our changing home situations, employment opportunities, and just suddenly having the freedom and ability to move wherever you want, without being tied to your commute or to a central job location. 

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many offices have permanently adopted a work-from-home setup, and remote work has become the name of the game for many people. This has enabled them to move wherever they’d desire – and people did!

This trend in people moving to their ideal destinations is only expected to continue into 2022, if market forecasters are right (and they usually are!). To make sure we provide our clients with only the most accurate information, Allied even teamed up with Zillow to investigate 2022 moving trends on our own – and what did we find? 

The most popular states to move to in 2022 will mostly be:

  • Florida
  • Texas
  • California
  • Arizona
  • North Carolina

Why are these states so popular? What will be their draw this year? Let’s discover…

Why Move to Florida

Florida has been known for a while to feature some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, as well as tons of top attractions in Miami and in Orlando. 

On top of Florida’s warm weather and beautiful beaches, the state also offers a low cost of living, plus a laid back lifestyle that is appealing to many. This makes Florida a top market for buyers and renters – plus the state has a booming job market with many opportunities!

Why Move to Texas

In the same realm as Florida, Texas is also a big draw in relation to employment opportunities and a low cost of living. On top of these facts, Texas is currently in the midst of an economic boom, and has a booming workforce thanks to companies like Tesla, Oracle, Charles Schwab and more recently setting up their headquarters there. 

On top of its economic boom, Texas offers a much lower cost of living than many other areas in the United States, which only makes it more appealing. It is also host to many diverse cities that are flourishing and have a lot of variety in lifestyle and general vibe, including Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. 

Why Move to California

As we’ve previously reiterated, top priorities on many buyers’ lists revolve around good weather and a lower cost of living than the current cities they reside in. 

Though California may not offer a lower cost of living (generally) than Florida or Texas, it’s spread out landscape, large cities, beautiful weather and diversity in climate and nature are huge selling points for renters and buyers in 2022. 

California is also the headquarters for many huge companies, which allows for a ton of job opportunities, even for those working remotely. 

Why Move to Arizona

In a change of pace, Arizona may not offer a ton of beaches, but it is known for its beautiful desert landscape, warm weather, and the health benefits brought about by its warm and dry climate. 

Like the other state mentioned, buyers are flocking to Arizona for its lower cost of living and low housing prices. 

Why Move to North Carolina

On the other side of the country, North Carolina’s housing market is certainly heating up. Why is this? It’s great location, beautiful cities, great beaches (hello, Outer Banks!), and cheap housing prices all make it extremely attractive for buyers and renters alike. 

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