Moving during the months of April-September, it can be hard to know where to start in order to properly tackle the planning process and the actual moving aspects of a peak season move. If you’re looking for peak season moving tips, we’ve got everything you’ll want to know to properly prepare and move during these months. Hopefully, you’re starting your research early enough to get yourself set up for success. Here are some tips for moving.

Peak Season Moving Tips

  • Start Your Move Early

As we said before, the peak moving months during this season are June, July, and August. Moving in April, May, or September will allow you to not only get more mild weather for your relocation but will also let you avoid scheduling headaches and give you more flexibility in your moving day. 

  • Move During the Week

The most popular days of the week to move during peak moving season are the weekends since many people want to avoid taking off work or just to have some extra time to carry things out. 

However, because these slots fill up so fast, you might want to look into moving during the week if you can. This will let you be more flexible in your moving schedule and will let you avoid all of the scheduling competition for weekend moves. 

  • Don’t Move At the Start or End of the Month

This one might be a bit unavoidable for those who are moving between rental units and who are looking to leave as little time in between moving out and in as possible.  

Unfortunately, the beginning and end of each month is the most popular time that others will want to snatch up. If you can, try to negotiate an earlier or later move-in date that allows you not only to overlap between leases but also allows you to move mid-month and avoid potential scheduling or booking problems. 

  • Don’t Move During Memorial Day Weekend

Don’t say we didn’t warn you if you try to book a moving day over memorial day weekend! 

These days are the busiest of peak moving season – and that says a lot! If you want to move during these highly in-demand days, you’ll not only have to schedule well in advance to get a spot but will also probably be met with many other fellow movers on the road. 

  • Schedule Movers Early

During peak moving season, you won’t be able to leave scheduling your moving company until the last second. To be able to (hopefully) get the moving date you want, you’ll have to book at least 2 weeks in advance – and maybe even more. 

Bottom line, if you want your ideal date, schedule your movers as soon as possible for the smoothest sailing – especially if you’re moving on a weekend or during other peak days. 

  • Look for Discounts!

Predictably, moving during peak season is going to lead you to have to pay top dollar for your moving services. However, there are often discounts offered or ways to negotiate with your movers to get your costs down. Do your research and get the right prices for your move! 

So what’s the best way to make sure you’re getting the best deal and are working with the best dependable movers, regardless of the time of year you’re moving? Learn more about Reebie Storage & Moving Co. and our best moving packages today. We hope you enjoyed these tips for moving!