When you’re conducting a regular move, your general priorities usually revolve around choosing the right in town movers for your residential moving needs, and finding a moving company that really caters to you and your household’s needs. Of course, you’ve chosen Reebie Allied Storage & Moving Co. for this job, due to their expert, customized services and years and years of experience in the relocation industry. However, once you’ve organized the moving needs of your household, it might occur to you that you forgot about one very important thing – how to move your boat! Moving a boat, especially one pretty large in size, takes a lot more than just loading boxes into a moving truck. 

Additionally, depending on the size of your boat, the location thereof, and where you’re headed, transporting a boat can be a complicated and expensive process that gives you one too many headaches for comfort. So what are the best ways to move your boat? We’ve got some great recommendations for you below. 

Moving a Boat: Tips & Tricks

There are a couple of  options for how to safely move your boat, though many of them may not exactly be the cheapest (though, what can you do).

How to Move Your Boat Yourself

When faced with the task of moving your boat, it might seem like the most straightforward approach to just load your boat onto a trailer and tow it wherever you’re headed. However, this only works if your boat is smaller than 8 feet, and can be difficult to navigate through small highway overpasses or tunnels. Boats larger than 8 feet also by law require a pilot car to travel on public roads with you, and those larger than 12 feet always require a permit to travel with. 

Transporting your boat yourself by towing it can often prove to be a bit more of a hassle than it’s worth, and might ultimately culminate with you utilizing a boat moving service in the end anyway. 

Hiring a Boat Moving Service

The other option is to choose to spend a bit more money, but by providing yourself with convenience and peace of mind by using a professional boat moving service to get your boat from your current home to your new home. There are many boat shippers out there, who all charge a variety of prices depending on your boat’s size, the amount of distance it’ll be covering, as well as the pickup and delivery location and route they’ll be using.
However, though this option may be more expensive than driving your boat across the country, this option allows you to put your boat’s movement in the hands of experienced professionals who know exactly what it takes to get your boat to you efficiently and safely. 

Maybe not quite ready to start thinking about how to move your boat, but first in need of dependable movers who will provide your household items with the utmost level of efficiency, care and safety come your moving process? Look no further than Reebie Allied Storage & Moving Co. for everything you might need!