Considering leaving Chicago and heading to a neighboring suburb? There are tons of reasons out there why people might want to make the switch from the city to the suburbs. From wanting more space, getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, or just wanting a bigger yard or more green space, suburban living has a lot of perks for a lot of different people.

When considering a move to the suburbs, you’re of course looking for the best neighborhood in Illinois for you and your family, while balancing things like location, proximity to your job, or where you want your kids to attend school. All of these are important to take into consideration when moving, and many of the best suburbs in Illinois create a perfect balance for all. Whether looking for the best Chicago suburbs or looking in the entire state, we’ve made a list of the best areas to fit you and your household’s needs and lifestyles.

Best Suburbs in Illinois

There are some amazing suburbs just outside of Chicago that can give you the more relaxed, slower-paced lifestyle you’re looking for while also allowing you to have access to everything the city has to offer. Moving to a Chicago suburb lets you get a break from the city while getting the best of both worlds by having it be in such close proximity.

The suburbs around Chicago offer some of the highest qualities of life throughout Illinois, and Chicagoland is surprisingly affordable and can be the ideal place to raise your kids. So which Chicago suburbs are best? Let’s get into our list for the complete rundown.

    • Glenview

Glenview is a Chicago suburb about 20 miles outside of the city loop and is less than a half an hour’s drive away from the city’s center. This suburb has a population of 48,705 people and features excellent schools, low crime rates, and lots of activities to take part in.

    • Naperville

Located 28 miles west of the city, Naperville is more than just a suburb. Though officially considered a Chicago suburb, of which it’s the largest, Naperville is a city unto itself and is the third largest city in all of Illinois. Less than a 40-minute drive to Chicago’s center, Naperville lets you have a city experience without the constant activity of Chicago. That being said, this city is known for its picturesque downtown area, plus excellent restaurants and nightlife.

    • Downers Grove

Downers Grove is a suburb just a half hour’s drive from Chicago’s center, and is said to be one of the best places to live in Illinois as a whole – not just in Chicagoland! This suburb is made up of 50, 247 people, and features amazing public schools, low crime rates, and a beautiful downtown area that’s full of restaurants and places to shop.

Downers Grove is extremely family-friendly and has tons of parks, green spaces, and natural preserves.

    • Evanston

This suburb is very close to the city perimeter of Chicago and is just 12 miles north of its city. Perfect for those looking for a suburban lifestyle that’s in easy proximity to the city for work commutes or entertainment, Evanston is perfectly located. Evanston can even easily be reached through Chicago’s CTA rail line.

With a population of 78,110 people, Evanston is extremely popular and one of the largest suburbs in the state. With tons of outdoor activities to participate in, a vibrant downtown area, and seven beautiful beaches to enjoy (not to mention its proximity to Chicag0), there’s no mystery as to why Evanston is such an excellent place to live.

    • Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is located only 45 minutes away from Chicago’s loop area but combines convenience with affordability. This suburb is a top-rated one for not only its affordable rental prices but its low home purchasing prices as well.

This makes this amazing area ideal for young professionals or those looking to start a family with a little extra space. It has many parks, and the Arlington Heights historical museum, and features many top-tier restaurants, shops, and attractions.

    • Schaumberg

Another large city in its own right, Schaumburg is located 40 minutes northwest of Chicago’s loop and is mostly known for its shopping opportunities and Legoland Discovery Center. With great schools and a low crime rate, Schaumberg makes a great place to raise a family. This suburb consists of 78,723 people and is only growing thanks to its great restaurants, shopping, and more.

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