India has a high rate of emigration. Most Indians decide to settle down in Europe and the US with only a small portion of emigrants from India in the rest of the world.

The US is and will probably still stay the most targeted destination for those who hope to find a new life elsewhere. Poverty, lack of employment opportunities, social discriminations are only three among the many reasons why people may work and put efforts into leaving India. Back – Is It Any Good? Find It Out With Us!

However, not all Indians who leave their homeland decide to live overseas forever. For many of them, emigrating abroad is a temporary solution and, once they earnt enough money, they think about moving back to India. One of the biggest reasons why Indians who live in America might want to move back is that today’s India is a little different than it used to be by the time they emigrated. India is opening to modernization, it’s creating more job opportunities in the fields of technology, engineering, cinema, sports.

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If you are an Indian and you are seriously interested in moving back to your homeland, consider that you should start planning this venture at least one year ahead. Moving back to India is harder than moving to the US.

Positive Sides Of Moving Back To India

Regardless of how happy and convinced about coming back to India, this new life step will bring a new experience in your life. You already know that it will imply a career change and a family change, as well.

However, there are plenty of reasons why moving back to India can have a positive impact on your future life. Probably, you’ll discover some things that surprise you:

  1. Market opportunities
    For many aspects, India’s startup market looks lively and full of dynamics. You may find out interesting job and career paths. Moreover, being an Indian who comes from living abroad for a period, many companies might be attracted to your CV.
  2. Family relationships
    Of course, if you decide to come back to India, you’ll have plenty of chances to spend more time with your beloved ones. You won’t miss a holiday anymore and you all will enjoy family reunions for special occasions.
  3. Kids’ life
    If you have kids, they will finally know a different world than where they were born and grew up to the present day. They will learn the value of their origins, traditions, and culture.
  4. Better quality of life
    Coming from America where you’ve been working hard for years means that you can afford things that before leaving India you couldn’t afford. You can access certain luxury services, buy luxury items, and upgrade your quality of life.
  5. Travelling
    There are amazing places in and around India that you may want to visit for your first time. It’s the best way to offer your family unforgettable moments to experience. Travelling won’t be too expensive for you if you come from America, where plane tickets cost more.
  6. Foods
    Although you can find many kinds of Indian foods almost everywhere in America, only in India you’ll find the flavours of the true Indian cuisine! Besides, you can enjoy a larger diversity of foods.

Cons Of Moving Back To India

The followings are the most typical obstacles to move back to India. You’d better consider these facts when planning your move:

  1. Standards of living
    If you want to live in India like an American, you’ll soon realize it’s way costly.
  2. Lack of free-time resources
    India doesn’t offer amusement parks, parks with hiking trails, places where kids can have fun on the weekends.
  3. Reliability
    Most Indians aren’t attentive to details in work and even social relationships. Expect to find a lack of reliability all through India and Indians.
  4. Crowded cities
    Cities are overcrowded, noisy, polluted like nowhere else. Usually, these bad features go hand in hand with dirtiness.
  5. Bureaucracy
    If you used to live in the US, you’ll miss how Americans are straightforward in the way they deal with people. Indian bureaucracy is pretty confusing and time-demanding.
  6. Availability of things
    If you need a particular item, prepare to wait for a long time or to seek it hardly. Things, goods, items of all kinds are way easier to access in the US.

There are both positive and negative sides in moving back to India, exactly like in every other life decision. What matters is your attitude.