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Reebie Truck Scale

Stay Safe – Stay Legal – Know your weight!

Open to the public, Reebie’s Truck Scale is available for use for any size truck or vehicle.  Our newly renovated, 3 platform truck scale can weigh any size truck. On the spot printed weight tickets at the scale, no need to leave your truck, scale tickets printed directly at the scale kiosk.  Our scale weight tickets show you the weight of your front – “Steering” middle – “Drive”  back – “Trailer” and the total weight. Cash bill acceptor at the scale for quick and easy payment.

Reebie offers businesses the ability to open a corporate account and setup a monthly billing plan. Corporate business accounts are issued RFID “swipe to pay” scale key cards. Each business account can have an unlimited amount of registered key cards for use. Monthly billing program can track all of your trucks weights, along with the date and time of each weigh in. Monthly billing statements and reports can be provided per each business account.

Need to weight a shipment? Easy to do! Use our scale to take a weigh of your truck either before or after you load, then re-weigh and subtract the two total weight tickets to find out what your load weighs.

Always stay safe and stay legal. Federal legal limits are 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, 20,000 pounds on a single axle, and 34,000 pounds on a tandem axle group. Do not chance the safety of yourself or others on the road, driving over the limits is dangerous and can be very costly. More than 5,000 pounds overweight can be a $1,500 fine, plus a $150 fine for each additional 500 pounds overweight.


Easy Tractor & Trailer access to the scale


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Reebie Truck Scale – Open to Public
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