Reebie’s Moving Story

Founded in 1880. Reebie Storage and Moving is the oldest and most trusted Chicago Mover.

Today, Reebie is renowned for our local reputation, loyal customer base, and Allied Van Line awards and quality scores. 

But we are very proud of a long history of providing the best moving and storage services to the Chicago area and beyond.


The Reebie Moving and Storage Timeline


William C. Reebie founded his moving company with no more than an assistant and a two-wheel cart. Though it started from meager beginnings, Reebie Storage and Moving quickly became well known and respected in the Chicago area. A few years later, the first horse drawn carts progressed to Chicago’s first motorized moving van, built and designed by William C. Reebie. Reebie and his van, “The Moving King,” quickly took Chicago by storm, becoming the city’s most reliable moving company.


Reebie Storage and Moving built its historical warehouse located on N. Clark Street in Chicago. The Egyptian-revival architecture, complete with accurate hieroglyphics and ancient Egyptian imagery, garnered much attention. The expansive warehouse was fashioned after an Egyptian temple with twin statues of Pharaoh Ramses II keeping guard outside the entrance. The Reebie warehouse was named anofficial Chicago landmark in 1999 and continues to stand as a symbol of excellence.


Reebie Storage and Moving became one of Allied’s first five original charter agents. Today, we still stand as Allied’s first largest single consumer sales agency. We also rank among Allied’s top 10 agencies for household goods booking revenue. For more than 90 years, we have maintained this valuable relationship with the respected van line.


Reebie Storage and Moving opened corporate headquarters in Franklin Park, Illinois. The corporate office boasts 20,000 square feet of office space and 100,000 square feet of warehouse space. The Reebie fleet has since grown to include over 100 local moving units and 30 interstate tractor-trailers to fully service the moving needs of Chicago. Now, Reebie owns and operates four Chicagoland facilities and offers more than 400,000 square feet of storage space.


Reebie Storage and Moving Co., is led by Richard Licata, its president who has been involved in every capacity of the moving business for the last 40 years. He personally handles any and all complaints, because he wants to know if Reebie did anything wrong and more importantly how Reebie righted the wrong. He prides himself in Reebie’s Quality of Service, and even makes himself available to contact, 24/7 to his associates as well as his customers. ReebieYour Chicago Movers!

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