DataBank Survey

We are proud to be your record retention company, “An extension of your record storage department”. We value the partnership that has been developed throughout the years. To enable us to keep improving our services, it would be helpful if you would fill out this following questionnaire. Be assured – good or bad – all of your opinions count. You can be assured that each of your responses will be reviewed and evaluated carefully, and if any area falls short of your expectations corrective action will be taken. We’re committed to customer satisfaction.

    1. Do Reebie representatives explain our services thoroughly?

    2. How satisfied are you with the communications between offices?

    3. When requesting a carton does our support personnel conduct themselves in a professional manner?

    4. Rate the appearance and professionalism of the crew?

    5. Are deliveries serviced in the requested time frame?

    6. Do you find the invoices easy to understand and verify?

    7. Overall, how satisfied were you with the service you are receiving?

    8. Would you recommend Reebie DataBank to a business associate?

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