Choosing a Chicago Moving Company: Everything You Need to Know

Preparing for an upcoming Chicago relocation? If you have a move in Chicagoland on the horizon, you’re probably looking for information that can simplify the process and make your life easier. One of the most effective ways to handle a move with minimal stress is to count on a reliable moving company; however, finding the right movers for you might feel like a challenging process.

Luckily, with the proper know-how, searching for a moving company can be a breeze. All it takes is a few simple steps and the right knowledge. Interested in finding out how to book with your perfect movers? Keep reading for a complete guide!

How to Research Long Distance Movers in Chicago: Red Flags and Must-haves 

As you search for the right moving company for your upcoming long-distance relocation, it’s crucial to ensure you know the best way to vet your movers. To find the perfect long-distance movers for your needs, utilizing the proper process is a necessity. Luckily, you can complete the task in six simple steps. Discover how below!

1. Ask for Recommendations

First on your agenda is to ask for recommendations. Friends, family, neighbours—within your circle, there’s sure to be someone who has recently completed a move in the area. Reach out to these individuals and ask who they relied on for their moving needs. Did their movers meet their goals sufficiently? Would they recommend their services? Or would they suggest steering clear of these movers? Gaining some insight from those around you is a great way to discover who to trust—or who not to trust—with your Chicago relocation. 

2. Research Thoroughly 

The research doesn’t stop at recommendations. To find a moving company you can depend on, thorough research is non-negotiable. As you search for movers, online reviews can be an incredibly valuable resource to find out more about a company’s services. Do most customers walk away from the experience feeling satisfied? What do people have to say about the services they receive? Gauging the way people feel about a company provides critical information about the solutions they offer. Additionally, use the company’s website to look into their full menu of services and their history. The amount of experience a company has can significantly define their level of knowledge and expertise. 

3. Verify Credentials 

To make sure a moving company offers trustworthy services, verify their credentials prior to considering their services for your relocation. Check that the company is fully licensed and insured. On a national level, any reputable moving company has the proper licensing from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and you should be able to find their FMSCA number.Interstate movers should also have the appropriate credentials from the United States Department of Transportation. In the state of Illinois, moving companies are required to comply with the Illinois Commerce Commission’s standards.  

4. Request Estimates 

The next step in the process is to request estimates from various moving companies. Ideally, you should request estimates from at least three companies to thoroughly assess fair price points for the services you require. By receiving quotes from multiple movers, you can gain a more accurate look at the average price for a move of your size. Any reputable moving company will provide this assessment in-home. Be wary of any movers who provide exorbitantly high or suspiciously low quotes during this process.  

5. Be Mindful of Red Flags 

During your search, be on the lookout for red flags, and don’t ignore any practices or behaviors that seem untrustworthy. It’s important to be aware of the warning signs of scammers and rogue movers so you can approach the situation wisely. Discover some of the red flags to avoid below:

  • No physical address 
  • Unprofessional, inconsistent communication 
  • No in-home estimate 
  • Blank or incomplete contract 
  • Unmarked moving trucks 
  • High-pressure sales tactics 
  • Only provides non-binding estimates 
  • Complaints with the Better Business Bureau 

6. Ask Questions 

As you weigh your options, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Dependable movers will be happy to answer all of your questions and make sure you understand the various facets of your relocation services. Not sure what to ask? No worries—find some of best questions to ask below.

  • How long have you been in business? 
  • Are your estimates binding or non-binding? 
  • What insurance options do you offer? 
  • What happens in the case of damage or loss? 
  • Can you provide references? 
  • What is your dispute resolution process?

7. Comparing Quotes: Understanding the Fine Print of Moving Contracts  

As you search for your perfect Chicago moving company, you might be feeling daunted by the contents of your moving contract. Attempting to understand what’s included in your contract might seem confusing, but fortunately, moving contracts are much simpler than you might have initially anticipated. Learn the ins and outs of moving contracts and compare quotes like a pro!

  • Contract Type: When you receive a moving contract, it will either contain a binding or non-binding estimate. A binding estimate means the movers provide you with a fixed price, while a non-binding estimate denotes that the price can change. 
  • Estimate Details: Check to make sure your estimate is fully detailed within your contract. It should contain all estimated costs and any additional fees.  
  • Liability Coverage & Insurance Options: Examine the liability coverage provided by the moving company. This may include Full Value Protection or Released Value Protection. Ensure you understand the extent of coverage and any deductible. In addition to liability coverage, inquire about additional insurance options for high-value items. 
  • Cancellations: Review the contract’s terms regarding cancellations or rescheduling and the associated fees. Understand your rights and obligations in case you need to make changes. 
  • Subcontracting: If the moving company uses subcontractors, make sure this is explicitly mentioned in the contract. Be mindful of this, as you may want to vet the subcontractors separately. 
  • Inventory: Know the procedures for inventory and inspection at the beginning and end of the move. This is important for noting any damages or missing items. 

Prepare for Your Chicago Move! 

Through these steps, you have everything you need to determine which Chicago moving company is your ideal choice. If you’re currently weighing your options, consider Reebie Storage & Moving Co. as the top option. With over 140 years of experience in the moving industry, Reebie has the expertise to facilitate your move with confidence and efficiency. We have a history of excellence and a strong reputation in the Chicago area, allowing our customers to feel reassured when they choose Reebie as their movers. Plus, we serve as a top ten Allied Van Lines agent, further strengthening our dependability. Ready to complete your move the Reebie way? Request a free quote online today, or call us at  (844) 473-3243! 

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