Complete Guide to Long Distance Moving in Chicago

Considering a relocation to Chicago? Looking to complete a move to the Chicago area? If you’re getting ready for a Chicago move, it’s important to know the right steps forward to get the relocation done effectively and efficiently. With the proper know-how in tow, you can orchestrate your move with ease and forget about any stress.

When you’re looking for long distance moving tips to simplify your upcoming move, we’ve got you covered with the complete guide to long-distance moving in Chicago. Keep reading to find out more, including a moving checklist and packing essentials.

Long Distance Moving Checklist

As you approach your long-distance relocation, it’s important to complete all of the necessary tasks in a timely manner. Follow along with our long-distance moving checklist to ensure your Chicago moving process is handled smoothly!
  • Create a Thorough Plan: The key to any successful relocation is planning. Whether a to-do list format or a calendar format works best for you, creating a plan tailored to your needs is essential. This will allow you to stay on task and prevent any important components of your relocation from being forgotten. Another important aspect to plan is the financial side of the move. Creating a budget will be incredibly helpful to keep you on track with spending and to make sure you accurately anticipate how much your move will cost. 
  • Book Moving Services: Although it’s possible to complete a relocation without professional assistance, it’s certainly a lot easier with a team of professional movers on your side. Finding a reputable moving company and booking services with them can ease the burden of moving by taking some of the responsibilities off of your plate. Moving services can also address your packing and storage needs in addition to the traditional relocation solutions. 
  • Declutter Your Home: Ahead of any relocation, decluttering should be included in your moving prep. Separate your belongings into categories—donate, sell, throw away, and keep. Try to eliminate as many items as possible, deciding what you no longer want or need. This process will help you to save time in the long run, as you will need to devote a lot less time to packing and unpacking. 
  • Set Up Utilities: Make sure to get your utilities sorted out in advance as part of your moving preparations. Doing this in advance ensures that you won’t experience any disruptions in service as you tackle your relocation. 
  • Protect Your Belongings: When completing a long-distance move, it’s extra important to ensure your belongings are safe and protected for their journey to your new home. As you pack your items, be incredibly mindful of how much padding and protection you use for your belongings, especially fragile ones. Make sure everything is thoroughly wrapped in a way that limits movement as much as possible. This step ensures that your items stay in good condition while you move. 
  • Label As You Pack: To complete your move with maximum organization, be sure to label thoroughly as you pack. Your boxes should all have labels on numerous sides in bold letters, allowing you to see the listed contents easily. Thorough labeling will make unpacking a breeze, easily letting you find the items you’re looking for as you set up your new home. 
  • Pack an Essentials Bag: Last but not least, you will need an essentials bag that you pack last. For a long-distance move, this is especially important, as it serves as your travel bag. You will need the typical travel items, such as changes of clothes, pajamas, toiletries, and medications. However, you will also need the basics for when you first arrive at your home, such as essential kitchen items.

Packing Essentials for Long-Distance Moving

What do you need to pack for your move properly? Read our list to make sure you’re stocked before you start the packing process! These items will be absolutely necessary as you ensure your items are safely packed and ready to go to your new home. 

    • Sturdy Boxes 
    • Packing Tape 
    • Permanent Markers 
    • Resealable Bags 
    • Bubble Wrap 
    • Packing Paper 
    • Moving Blankets 

    How to Find Reliable Chicago Long-Distance Movers

    To successfully complete your long-distance move without any worries, hiring long-distance movers to get the job done is a great step. A professional moving company can handle moving with the highest level of knowledge and expertise, taking some of the responsibilities off of your plate. To find the perfect company for you, follow our six simple steps below:

      1. Ask For Recommendations: First, start your search by asking people you trust for moving company recommendations. If you know any friends or family members who have recently moved, ask them which company they relied on and if they would recommend their services. This is a great way to gauge the general opinions on the mover options near you. 
      2. Read Reviews: Once you have found some companies to research further, it’s time to head online and read reviews. These reviews are an important part of your search, as they give you the opportunity to read candid opinions about different moving companies and hear more about different people’s experiences with them.  
      3. Check Credentials: Another absolute essential as you search for reputable movers is to verify their credentials. Check to make sure they have all the necessary federal and state licensing, including a number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. In Illinois, these licensed professional movers must comply with all standards set by the Illinois Commerce Commission. 
      4. Request Quotes: Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a few reputable companies, it’s time to request in-home estimates. Ideally, you would request these quotes from at least three companies in order to shop around for the best price and find the company that can best suit your needs.  
      5. Ask Plenty of Questions: As you get quotes from several moving companies and discuss your relocation with the companies’ moving agents, be sure to ask plenty of questions. These questions may pertain to their services, insurance policies, licensing, fees, and a variety of other topics. Don’t be afraid to be thorough and get all of your curiosities answered. 
      6. Read Your Contract Carefully: When you decide on the right movers for you, review your contract carefully and make sure everything you agreed upon is actually portrayed in writing. Ensure that nothing is left blank and that your movers have thoroughly completed each section of your paperwork.  

      Streamline Your Chicago Relocation with Top Chicago Mover

      With our complete guide, you can successfully complete your move and get the job done with minimal stress. Ready to journey forward on your relocation with a moving company you can trust? Count on the experts at Reebie Storage & Moving to make your move feel like a walk in the park.  

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