In the last few months, you might have noticed a few of your local businesses or corporations moving out of Chicago or into a different area of the city. This is a general trend the city has seen as of late, whether small business moving has become more common as people look for other opportunities or other areas to attract customers in.

So why are small businesses moving from Chicago, and what does this mean for consumers and residents? If you’re a small business owner looking to make a business relocation, what’s the best way to move your business from the area? Let’s learn more about business moving and the root causes of it as of late.

Why are Small Businesses Leaving Chicago?

Though every business is, of course, unique, and has its own reasons for moving or operating as they do, there are a variety of reasons for the recent shift in business, large and small, migrating away from the Chicago metropolitan area.

Many have cited small businesses leaving the Chicago area as a sort of trickle-down effect from larger businesses and corporations moving from the area. Conglomerates like Citadel, Boeing, and Caterpillar have recently left the area in favor of moving to Miami, Arlington, VA, and Dallas-Fort Worth, respectively.

Citadel cites the reason for their move as in the best interests and wants of their employees, many of whom have asked to transfer to other offices for a variety of personal reasons. The company also sites crime and employee safety as a reason for their move, which has been a concern for their employees who have been considering leaving the city to head to cities with lower crime rates.

Boeing states that its move is unrelated to crime or the city itself, but merely needs a more strategic and centralized location for its new headquarters. Caterpillar also cites their move as one for strategic purposes, as costs of operation and taxes are lower as compared to Illinois.

However, with bigger companies leaving the area, they’ve taken many employees with them. This has then caused small businesses and outlets like grocery stores to leave certain areas, including certain locations of Aldi and Whole Foods.

Small businesses have also hopped on the trend of leaving Chicago for areas with higher profitability and lower tax and crime rates in interests of building profits. In the same vein, however, just as some corporations like Kellogg are, many are doubling down on their commitment to the city.

Are Businesses Moving to Chicago?

Despite the exit of large companies like Boeing and Citadel from the city, there are tons of small businesses who have found their footing in Chicago and all it brings. Chicago is a global hub and marketplace with a large population and a ton of potential for growth in many different parts of the city. Unfortunately, due to both high crime rates and high costs of living, a lot of businesses don’t have a ton of incentive to move into the city, though officials have expressed a want to change this sentiment and make the city a more attractive place for small businesses to find their roots and community.

Despite higher than average crime rates in many parts of the city, small businesses can often find and cultivate a supportive community that will keep their business profitable and running smoothly for the long term. Though company culture can obviously be impacted by the crime rates that have plagued the city, it’s also important to note that Chicago has a very strong infrastructure and its people have a drive and passion to support those who support them – aka small businesses!

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