Happy holidays from Reebie Storage & Moving Co! 

It’s another lap around the sun here at Reebie Storage & Moving Co., and we’re proud to have been by your side during yet another great year.  

This holiday season, we’ve taken this time to reflect on not only the level of customer service we strive to provide to you during every season but also the quality of moving and storage experiences we’ve brought to the Chicagoland area and beyond over the course of our 140 years in business. Over the past many, many decades we’ve been in business, we’ve prioritized our customers over everything, and remain committed to bringing you an approach to moving and storage that’s as unique as you are.  

As we take this time to reflect on 2022 and our many years in business, we’ve considered what we’ve accomplished, and where we hope to take our company in the coming year. As a Top 10 Allied Agent whose award-winning services have brought clients around the country and around the world, we’re proud to continually evolve and bring you the best possible services time and time again.  

In 2023, we only have more room to grow, and we hope to be by your side for any storage or relocation experience you’ll be embarking upon in the coming year.  

Your Trusted Chicago Movers in 2023 

As Chicago’s oldest and most trusted moving company, we’re proud to have had another successful year thanks to our amazing customers, partners, and essential staff and employees. With the most experienced and expert drivers and customer service staff in our company, we’ve been able to continually be built up and further our centuries-long reputation of bringing you the best possible Chicago moving and storage services time and time again.  

At Reebie Moving & Storage, our customers are just as unique as their moving experiences. We’re honored to have been by your side throughout all of your moving and storage journeys, and strive to continually give you the best possible customer service and overall process from start to finish. Our clients are our everything – and we’ll stop at nothing to continue to make your relocation smooth, positive, and straightforward. 

The holidays are all about reflecting and giving back to those you love – and we love our clients and partners! We hope to be by your side in 2023 and seek to continue to give back to our customers and community in the coming year. Happy holidays and happy new year!