When taking on any long distance move, it can be a tough process to coordinate. When you throw kids into the mix, the moving process can get even more complicated than it was before. So what do you do when you need to pull off a long distance move no matter what, but not only have to break the news to your kids, but also get the entire process underway and successfully handled? 

No matter if you’re moving to a place your kids might think is really cool or not, odds are you’re gonna receive a lot of pushback about the subject and about the move itself. Everything can seem really overwhelming for kids, whether older or younger, and you have to make sure to anticipate their needs and what will have to happen to make them accept what’s happening. 

As a parent, all you can really do at the end of the day is make sure your kids are as comfortable as possible, and try to divert some of their stress and make the process a little bit easier if possible. 

Tips for Moving with Children

  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

The most important thing to do when you’re breaking the news to your kids about a long distance move is to not avoid telling them in the first place. Don’t put it off either – it’ll only make it worse once you do tell them, especially if you don’t give them a lot of notice ahead of time. 

When breaking the news to your kids of your move, try to sit them down, respect their feelings, and really reason with them and let them know why this move is unnecessary, especially if it’s for work purposes. Maybe even try to soften the blow by presenting them with some information about your new city or town, and try to get them even a little bit excited for the transition. 

Allow them to write down any fears, frustrations, anger, or upset things they might feel regarding the transition, and also allow them to voice these things out loud. Don’t invalidate their feelings, and really hear them out. 

After all, this is a huge transition that is going to really upend their individual social lives, as well as life in general for them. It might seem like the end of the world now, but it’s important to soften the blow a little and help them through the process. 

  • Packing

Everyone knows that packing can be a stressful process, not only for you, but even more so for your kids. Especially if they’re not too hot on the move itself, it can be really hard to get them to actually begin the moving process – nevermind everything that goes into it once they’ve started. 

Try to keep them organized, and even offer to help them sort through their things if they want to figure out what they might want to take with them and what they might want to leave behind before the big move.

  • The Move Itself 

Now that everybody is packed up and ready to move to your new destination, it’s time to figure out how to keep everybody happy and comfortable during the drive. Make sure to pack a cooler full of snacks and drinks to keep everybody fed and happy (especially if you’re travelling with younger children), and make sure you have plenty of car chargers! 

If you have younger kids, try to figure out car games to play, or download movies off of Netflix for them to watch on the drive. 

You did it – you successfully made the drive and made the move to your new home (and chose Reebie Storage & Moving Co. to do so! Your kids are happy, healthy, and hopefully not being that dramatic. Now that you’ve arrived, it’s time to let everyone settle into the new home, and start making your space your own. Plus, get out there once you’re more settled and explore the area!