There can be a lot of reasons why you might find yourself having to pull off a move in less than 30 days. Whether you’ve gotten relocated for work, found a new job in a new area, decide not to renew your lease last minute, or just want a change in surroundings, a last minute move can happen whenever and to anyone! If you’re suddenly running around trying to coordinate a move you don’t see coming or that maybe snuck up on you, don’t worry – we’ve got some easy and simple moving hacks that will make sure to keep you organized and as stress free as possible as you approach your moving day. 

Make Any Needed Reservations Ahead of Time

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your move is to reserve your moving company or self-moving rental truck or van as soon as you find out you’re moving – no matter how short of notice. A lot of moving or rental truck companies can be booked solid well in advance (especially during the height of moving season), so make sure you actually have a way to move before getting everything else squared away.

Start Decluttering & Organizing

After booking your moving or rental company, it’s time to start preparing for the move itself. Start getting rid of, donating, or selling clothes or household items you don’t use or need – you’ll thank yourself later. For anything you’re keeping, keep things organized and like items to save packing time later. 

Shop for Boxes & Packing Materials

Getting packing materials doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive process. If you’re not using professional packing services, ask for boxes to re-use from friends or family, or even ask businesses who use a lot of boxes for shipping if they’d be able to give you some. Otherwise, you’ll be able to purchase boxes at many moving companies or rental truck headquarters.

One Room at a Time

Now that you’ve got your boxes, it’s time to start putting stuff in them! Starting with nonessential or decorative items, go room by room and start packing up anything you won’t need or use in the coming weeks. By knocking out the majority of packing early, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress later. 

Now you’ve gotten the most important small details out of the way, you’ve set yourself up for success even if your move is less than a month away. By staying organized and getting the simplest steps out of the way first, you’ll be able to pull off even the most last minute move with ease and with minimal stress.