The ladies here at Reebie Moving & Storage recognized and celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink to the office! Our staff remains committed to bringing awareness and wanting to volunteer for organizations looking for a cure.

During the entire month of October, various organizations and individuals alike come together to spread awareness and raise funds to find improved treatments and a cure for the condition. This nationally and internationally celebrated month commemorates those lost to the disease, those fighting it currently, and those committed to methods to prevent and cure it.

October 13th is nationally recognized as Breast Cancer Day in the United States, where individuals nationwide are encouraged to wear pink in honor of those impacted. October 21st also marks Pink Ribbon Day, which encourages people to wear pink ribbons to spread awareness.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a disease where cancerous cells develop in the tissue of a person’s breast and can be caused by genetic and environmental factors, or a combination of the two.

Though some may never pinpoint their individual exact causes for breast cancer, researching your genetic predispositions to the condition, as well as your lifestyle choices like lack of exercise, poor diet, alcohol consumption, and other factors can lessen your risk and make you more aware of prevention methods.

Committed to Finding a Cure

Breast cancer impacts nearly one in eight women across the country, but can also impact men as well. Because it’s such a widespread disease, both finding a cure and prevention are incredibly important to keep people from developing the disease and to improve treatments.

Reebie Moving & Storage is committed to aiding our community members and various breast cancer organizations to aid in efforts to find a cure.

How Reebie Gives Back to Our Community

One of the cornerstones of Reebie Moving & Storage’s mission is to provide exemplary moving and storage services while giving back to our community in the process. Through donation, volunteering, and sponsoring projects we’ve been able to be an active and supportive force for our community and hope to only improve our efforts in the future.