Though the prospect of DIY moving might be tempting due to its extremely low cost, it’s not always worth the discount. In fact, 4 out of 5 people who have been a part of DIY moving arrangements in the past have said that if they had to do it again, they would instead choose to use a professional moving company for their relocation instead.

DIY moving has a low-cost reputation for a reason, and it is (usually) very cheap and affordable, and can be a good solution for those working with an extremely tight budget. However, for those who have a little flexibility, you might be surprised by the convenience and comparable costs that using professional movers for your relocation might bring.

Using a professional moving company means not just having people move your items for you into and out of your existing and new homes, it means having professional expertise on your side to transport your items safely – and even help you plan and pack for your move in the first place.

Are Professional Movers Expensive?

When compared with the costs of DIY moving, you might be surprised by how similar the costs of hiring professionals to handle your move for you instead of taking it all on yourself can be. Especially for long-distance moving (which also involves you providing not only all of the labor but all of the transportation as well) the costs of either option can end up extremely similar.

Additionally, using the DIY option also makes you have to do all of the packing, loading, transportation, and unloading of your items yourself, which can be an extremely strenuous and arduous process.

When considering the costs of professional movers vs. DIY rentals, take the following comparisons into account:

In addition to being of comparable cost, you’ll also save on the stress and even possible injury associated with handling your entire move without the help of experienced professionals.

Is DIY Moving Better than Professional Moving?

In short, when taking all of the considerations into account of professional movers vs. DIY movers, it becomes more and more clear why so many people choose to leave it up to the pros.

When considering using a DIY truck rental or just handling your move by yourself in general, take the following into account when thinking of doing it yourself:

  • Taking full liability for all personal injury or accidents associated with the move
  • Assume liability for any damage done to your items during packing/moving/transportation
  • Cost of paying for gas, tolls, or any other travel expenses in addition to having to transport your items fully on your own
  • Transit protection and moving insurance, especially when moving across states or long-distance
  • Personal costs of hotels, food, and more along the way
  • Weigh station rules you must follow

When taking all of this into account, there’s no doubt that working with professional movers who will take all of these aspects on for you is the way to go – and for not much more of a cost than using DIY movers in the first place.

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  • Experienced drivers who will transport your items safely
  • Customer support during every aspect of your move
  • Packing and storage services
  • Not having to transport or move any of your items yourself
  • …and much more!

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