If you’re currently finishing up the moving process, and have already everything into your new home, know that the worst is over! You’ve done it, even – you’ve successfully pulled off your move, and can now focus on other things – namely, unpacking and getting yourself situated in your new place. 

Even when you’re unpacking and matching your things to your new room, the work that goes into a move isn’t quite over yet, unfortunately. When unpacking, you need to make sure you’re doing so in a way that’s efficient yet still at your own pace, and organized yet with not that much perfectionism. 

Unpacking can be an annoying process, but you should take solace in: 1. It’s not packing again!, and 2. That you can truly do it as quickly or as slowly as you’d like. So how should you look to unpack your things, and what should you aim to have your unpacking process look like? We’ve got all of the post-move unpacking tips for you. 


If you’re just moving into a new rental, or buying your first new home, you might be surprised to find that your home was maybe not properly cleaned, or has not been cleaned since its last occupants lived there. Before unpacking your things, make sure your new home is clean, and that you have nice and clean spaces to put your items in your new home. 

Coordinate Boxes to Rooms

A great way to stay organized during the unpacking process is by coordinating boxes to new rooms prior to unpacking. This will both be highly efficient, and will help you stay organized. Hopefully, you previously labelled your moving boxes, so this is a doable and easy prospect. 

Unpack Most-Used Rooms First

A hugely helpful tip that many might overlook is to unpack items in your most used common areas, like the kitchen or bathroom, first. A lot of people might avoid unpacking these areas, especially the kitchen, in favor of just ordering takeout for the first week, or just living out of boxes in real time. However, this will get inconvenient fast (and expensive!). Unpack silverware, plates, cups/mugs, and bathroom supplies first. 

Avoid Perfectionism

It can be really easy to fall victim to the pitfalls of perfectionism when it comes to unpacking. Remember that you’re just getting things out of boxes right now, and that not everything has to be perfect right away. Figure out gradually what works where, and what could work in other spaces.


As you unpack your things, gradually declutter and get rid of boxes as you go. Especially if you choose to take a slower approach to things, this can be a great way of keeping your home clear of debris and clutter while you organize and get your new home into the sort of sphere you want it to be in. 

Whether you follow our unpacking tips, or are just looking to strategize your packing process to make the dismantling of it easier before a move, don’t forget to use Reebie Storage & Moving Co. for all of your moving needs.