As it starts getting colder out, you might be finding yourself facing a winter move, and are wondering how to properly prepare for it – whether bracing for the weather or elements, the move itself, or the cold. Though winter certainly isn’t the height of moving season, many often find themselves moving in the winter months for a variety of reasons. If you’re having some reservations regarding the practicality or your ability to move during the winter months, we’ve got all the tips you’ll need to make your move a successful one. 

If you’re looking at a winter move, we’ve got all the tips to make sure you’re properly prepared and ready for success – even if you’re cold!

Plan Ahead

No matter what kind of weather you encounter on your moving day, make sure you’re ready for anything. Make sure your new location has all of the power on and heat ready for when you arrive with your items and have a backup date planned for your move in case of snow or otherwise unideal weather.

Take it Slow

Don’t go running around in the slush and snow just to try and make your move go by faster. There’s no use in getting things done faster if you end up slipping and falling! Stay safe and keep a first aid kit with you. Additionally, make sure your floors are protected and slip-proof in case of any slush or snow that could be tracked in.

Stay Warm!

It might be tempting to try to dress in less layers or otherwise unsuitably for winter temperatures in favor of being able to move around faster or have more mobility, but you’ll only be cold and hurt yourself in the long run if you end up getting sick as a result. Bundle up and take breaks to warm yourself up from outside.

When you’re looking at a winter move, there are a lot more things to take into account when with a move during a more mild season. Assuming you’re moving to or from a region that experiences all four seasons, moving during the winter means you might run into cold or freezing temperatures, snow, slush, or a variety of other elements. It’s understandable that you might feel a little apprehension surrounding a move during this time, but these moves are very doable and are able to be pulled off easily with the right preparation. 

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