When moving out of state, it’s important to prepare yourself, your household, and your household goods to make sure that you’ve planned and organized before your moving day comes. Interstate Moving is a process that takes a lot of planning to make sure that everything goes as planned on moving day, and that you have a plan of action to have an efficient moving process.

Plan Early & Stay Organized

No matter if you’re using a professional moving company, renting your own moving truck, or just throwing everything in a car and heading out, an out-of-state move takes a lot of planning and preparation. If you’ve moved anywhere before, you know it’s important to keep your things organized and grouped accordingly, but this is even more important when tackling a more long distance move. To keep yourself on the right track, check out our expert tips below.


Interstate Moving Tips

1. Choose an Out of State Mover

When choosing movers, make sure to avoid scams and ensure you’re receiving open and direct communication, as well as a great price. Make sure your movers are also very experienced with out-of-state or long distance moves.


2. Set a Budget & Stick to It

The only way to make sure to not overspend is by setting limits for how much to spend on your moving process. This will keep things in perspective and help you out a lot later on. 


3. Take an Inventory of Your Items

Go through your home and determine what you have, and keep track of what condition everything is in.


4. Declutter Your Home

Once you’ve figured out how much you’ve got and where everything is, start clearing out anything you no longer want or need. Donate, give away, or throw out unwanted items, and separate them from what you’re keeping. 


5. Organize Your Things

For the items, you’ve decided to keep, start getting them ready to move. Keep similar items together and group them room by room to prepare for moving. 


6. Get Packing Materials

Check out your moving company’s packing services, or buy materials at moving or rental truck company headquarters. Also, ask around and see if anyone you know has any boxes you can reuse!


7. Take it One Room at a Time

Once you’re ready to pack, keep things organized by packing one room at a time and keep essential items separate to pack later. 


8. Update Addresses

Once you’re closer to your move, update your addresses with the post office, and any banks or credit cards you might deal with. 


9. Transfer Utilities as Needed

Make sure to take the utilities of anything at your existing home out of your name, and transfer any utilities at your new address to your name. 


10. Get Ready!

Now that you’re planned, organized, and ready to go, it’s time to get yourself squared away. Pack up anything you’re keeping with you and get ready for your journey!


Whether you’re moving just one state over or moving across the country, handling a state to state move isn’t anything to ignore or try to handle at the last minute. That being said, your out of state move doesn’t have to be overly stressful or a mess on moving day. Stay organized and make sure you’ve done your planning and you’ll have a straightforward and efficient process.