When looking to make a big move this year, there’s a lot for prospective renters and buyers to take into account when looking at possible new states to head to – whether looking for the most affordable states to live in or the cheapest states to live in. So what states give you the most value for your money in 2022? Let’s explore the most affordable states to live in and figure out which ones have the most to offer not only in terms of price but in overall appeal. 

What is the Cheapest State to Live in 2022? 

Let’s cut to the chase. When looking to move to another state to live in this year, many people’s number one priority is affordability, and are looking to move to the states that are not only cheaper to live in than their current one, but ones that also bring more to the table as far as space and value for their money. 

Lucky for us, we live in a country with a ton of not only states and areas to choose from, but also areas with vastly different housing markets – so you can choose the cheapest state to live in without a ton of hassle. 

Cheapest States to Live in 2022

As the housing market continues to fluctuate due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many buyers are taking advantage of not only their now-remote working situation but the housing prices in many areas brought about by the number of people moving around right now. 

This year, the most affordable states to live in are as follows:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Georgia
  • Kansas
  • Iowa

So what makes these areas the lowest cost of living states, and why are they so appealing to prospective transplants right now?

Why Move to Alabama?

With these states’ cost of living coming in at 11% lower than the national average, you’ll get value for your money living in Alabama! With beautiful mountain ranges, great beaches, and low sales and income tax, this state is sure to be a prime spot this year. 

Why Move to Arkansas?

Located in the heart of the United States, this state offers some of the lowest housing costs in the entire country. On top of this, those looking for the cheapest states to live in the US will be ecstatic to hear about the state’s “Life Works Initiative”, which offers a $10,000 initiative for people to move to beautiful Northwest Arkansas. 

Why Move to Georgia?

Georgia is famous for its peaches, rich history in places like Savannah, and its bustling hub of Atlanta. But what else does Georgia bring to the table? This state’s cost of living comes in at 16% lower than the national average, which makes it a prime area for someone looking for great food, great attractions, and great housing prices. 

Why Move to Kansas?

On top of offering some of the most affordable real estate scenes and low cost of living, Kansas is host to a booming job market, amazing historical attractions, and low cost of day-to-day expenses. 

Why Move to Iowa?

Iowa makes our top 5 because it not only offers tons of fun activities for people of all ages (hello, Iowa State Fair!), but also its growing job market and some of the lowest housing costs in the country. 

Whether you’re looking for an overall low cost of living from your new state or are looking for a large amount of value for the money you’re spending on a home, there’s no question that the cheapest states to live in also bring a lot more to the table than just amazing prices. No matter where you’re headed this year, make sure to choose Reebie Storage & Moving Co. for all of your relocation needs.