If you’re currently finishing up your preparations for the moving process and your moving day, you’re probably already thinking ahead to the future and about how to unpack after you move. Odds are, you’re probably pretty tired of the packing and moving prep process, and envision unpacking as quickly as possible to properly settle into your new home. However, though you of course want to get yourself comfortable in your new space so that you can settle into a new routine, you shouldn’t try to unpack everything at once, or without a definitive plan to organize your new home.

Once you’re in your new home, you might think the moving process is all over and done with, but unpacking is that final piece of the puzzle. Even if you’re matching items to your new rooms or envisioning what you want your new space to be like, don’t go overboard and try to do too much. Create an unpacking schedule and pace that’s efficient, yet doesn’t put you in a frenzy or make you do so too quickly. After all, things can easily get lost, misplaced, or damaged when you’re in a rush. This can also create chaos and a lack of organization since you’re more focused on getting things out of boxes rather than actually making your items and space work for you.

Though unpacking is annoying and you might want to just get it over with, take solace in the following ideas: at least you’re not packing again, nor will you have to for the foreseeable future, and unpacking means that there’s no pressing deadline to get things done by. Unpacking can be done right when you move in or can be a more gradual process that you do as you map out and organize how you truly want your move to be. All in all, however, how should you unpack your things, and what should your unpacking and organization process look like? We’ve got everything you need to know about how to unpack post-move.

How to Unpack After Moving?

  • Clean Your New Home

One of the best things you can do before you even unpack or begin to think about unpacking your items in your new home is to clean your new space.

Especially if you’re moving into a new rental or buying your first home, you might find that your new place hasn’t been professionally or properly cleaned since its last occupants moved out. Before beginning to unpack your items, deep clean your new space before placing anything. You’ll be glad you did and will be able to relax in your newly clean space as a result.

  • Match Boxes to Rooms

A great way to get a head start on your home’s organizational process is by immediately matching boxes and their contents to the rooms they’ll go in. You can even do this while moving in, and direct your movers to place boxes in rooms you already have blocked off for certain people or uses. This will let you unpack directly into your new space, instead of having to root through a huge general pile of boxes, and then place them later on.

This will be highly efficient and will help you stay organized. Hopefully, you previously labeled your moving boxes, so this is a doable and easy prospect whether you’re doing so during your moving day or later on.

  • Unpack Most-Used Rooms First

When tackling the unpacking process, you should always start with the items and boxes that contain everyday things first. Unpack things used in the most essential rooms in your house, including the bathroom and kitchen, before doing anything else.

Many people put on unpacking common areas, especially the kitchen, and instead spend their first week in their home ordering out or just unpacking random things. However, this can get expensive and inconvenient fast. Unpacking toiletries, silverware, plates, cups/mugs, and other essential items will make a huge difference – and might motivate you to unpack other items as well.

  • Avoid Perfectionism

It’s easy to think that everything has to be in its permanent spot in your new home as soon as you unpack it, but nothing has to be permanent right away in your new home. Perfectionism during unpacking is very common but can lead to even more stress while organizing and settling in.

Remember, you’re just trying to get things out of boxes and be organized – no matter where you put stuff in your new home, that doesn’t have to be their permanent spot! Figure out gradually what works where, and what might work better in other spaces.

  • Declutter Unnecessary Items

As you unpack, gradually declutter and weed out items or furniture that do not work in your new space. Also, make sure to get rid of materials and boxes gradually and as you go. Especially if you’re taking a slower approach to things, there’s no point in letting boxes or bubble wrap clog up your common space or garage as you wait to unpack other items over time. Instead, get rid of these space-wasters and organize your home as you go.

Whether you’re looking for unpacking tips or haven’t even started planning your move yet, organization and preparedness is the key to keeping you less stressed, and making your new home the best it can be. Looking for the right movers for your relocation? See what Reebie Storage & Moving Co. can do for you and your household today as your go-to professional moving company in Chicago.