Looking to the future, and already starting to plan to move in the springtime? Spring is a fantastic time of the year to move – especially if you miss the beginning of peak moving season (aka April to September). Whether moving in early or late spring, it’s best to start planning as early as possible so that you and your movers alike are well-scheduled and well-ready for anything your relocation might throw at you.

For local and long-distance moving alike, having the right plan in place for your packing and moving experience will allow your day to run as smoothly as possible, no matter what kind of move you’re taking on. So how do you plan a spring move? We’ll give you all of the top tips to set yourself up for moving success.

How to Prepare for a Spring Move?

No matter what time of year you might move during, there’s usually going to be some kind of challenge you encounter during the process if you don’t plan properly, or anticipate something not totally going as planned. However, with the right preparation well in advance, you can roll with the punches and let your move go as seamlessly as possible.

How to Plan for Spring Moving

For those looking to sell their home prior to their spring move, there are a couple of extra things to anticipate to make your move as easy as possible. Of course, you should always research the housing market and plan accordingly to make sure your house is as appealing as possible to attract potential buyers. Since spring is a pretty saturated time of year when it comes to new homes being put on the market, making yours stand out from the rest and sell quickly will let you get your move off the right start, instead of having to put things on hold due to a slow sale.

When it comes to making your house as appealing as possible, start with a good pre-spring cleaning. Even if you’re not selling your home, clearing out any unneeded or unwanted items will make the packing and moving process as a whole infinitely easier for you and your family. When decluttering your home, clear out anything that might make your home unappealing, or that just takes up unnecessary space without serving any sort of use. This will make your house more attractive, easier to stage, and will streamline packing later on. You should also assess and inspect the home to perform any maintenance or repairs before putting it on the market.

Once you’ve decluttered your items, you can either donate them to a local organization, throw out items in better condition, or even hold a yard sale to get rid of a lot of items at once.

What to Do Before a Spring Move

As is the case with any moving process, one of the first things you should do before starting your packing or planning process is to book your moving company. Get your research out of the way now (which, obviously, you are!) so you know what moving company is right for you. Additionally, try to book out your movers as early as possible to lock down your moving day and the best rate and timeline for you and your household or business.

After locking down your movers, it’s time to start the planning process for your spring move itself. This includes weather or climate-related aspects involved in spring moving, including anticipating or planning for possible rain on your moving day, or even what time of day to move during to avoid excess pollen exposure (a must for allergy sufferers!).

If you have the ability and the time, you should also take the time during the pre-move planning time to explore or scope out your new area or neighborhood so you have a few things in mind to do once temperatures warm up.

Why Move in Spring?

If you’re not sure that you’ll be moving this spring, there are a lot of reasons why moving during this season is a great move. Besides avoiding the summer heat during your relocation, moving in the spring can allow you to get lower moving company prices and higher-than-normal selling prices for your home. You can also avoid the onslaught of summer movers during the year, and beat the influx of houses being put up for sale during that time.

Moving in spring comes with big benefits, but how do you choose a moving company for your household? Move this spring with Reebie Storage & Moving Co. to get the best Chicago movers and receive the best pricing, service, and a straightforward moving experience that will make spring moving a breeze, no matter the size or scope of your move.