If you’re using moving services, but are still choosing to pack your things by yourself, it can be understandable that you’d immediately look to bubble wrap as the solution to the storage and safety of your most fragile items, and you’d be right to do so. Bubble wrap is undeniably a hugely dependable and safe option when it comes to packing your things. Unfortunately, because it’s such a useful material, bubble wrap is pretty expensive, and the cost of such can really add up when trying to pack items for your move. 

Bubble wrap might not be something you want to shell out extra money on, and understandably so. It’s also not particularly environmentally friendly, since it’s made up of sheets of plastic that aren’t always recyclable (though some are!). However, if you’re not looking to break the bank over bubble wrap, or otherwise want to look for alternative options for a variety of reasons, there are great alternatives out there to either combine with your use of bubble wrap during your move, or replace it entirely. 


Alternatives to Bubble Wrap

For certain household items, you might still want to look into the use of bubble wrap, just for safety and convenience’s sake. No one denies the materials’ excellent versatility and the safety it provides – it’s just good to ration it to save a little money! So which items should you maybe still look to bubble wrap to keep safe? Think mainly delicate or fragile items, especially ones found in your kitchen. Whether it’s glasses, plates, mugs, or larger items like art, mirrors, or even some furniture, you might want to still utilize bubble wrap in some aspects. 

For other items, or to replace bubble wrap entirely, there are plenty of suitable and comparable substitutes out there for bubble wrap. 


Packing Paper

Probably the most comparable one to bubble wrap, this material makes a great resource for keeping your things safe and sound. Packing paper is a little more environmentally friendly (or easier to recycle) than bubble wrap, while providing similar amounts of safety and security. Additionally, packing paper is extremely versatile, and can conform to a variety of shapes or household goods to keep them safe. Additionally, packing paper is also great for keeping your things safe from dust and moisture. 



Especially for larger items, blankets are great for padding or wrapping things that need a little extra cushioning, or that need protection from scratching or damage during a move. Blankets can be used as space fillers as well!



For items that are a little smaller, but still require cushioning or protection, your existing home towels are great for wrapping and providing safety from damage or breakage. Additionally, like blankets, they’re plush and already readily available to you for free!



Wait, what? You heard us right. As an alternative to bubble wrap, stuff glasses, mugs, or other items with socks is a great way to provide cushioning and safety to your items for free!

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