When it comes to planning an upcoming summer move this year, you’ll want to make sure you not only have the best moving company on your side but that you’re planning and being strategic with your moving strategy. 

As summer gets closer and closer, you might be weighing your options as far as both new places to live, and the right way to tackle a new moving process. However, since summer is the peak moving season for renters, buyers, college students, and more, you’ll have to keep in mind the crunch moving companies, landlords, and those involved in the new rental year will be under. Rentals will be snatched up quickly, and moving companies will be booked up fast as a result.

If you’re looking to pull off your best summer move yet, there are some steps to take to make it a successful one. After all, all because it’s light out for longer, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to sit back and move at your leisure throughout the season (unfortunately!). For all of the best summer moving tips and tricks you’ll need for the upcoming season, we’ve got your back. 


Planning a Summer Move: What to Keep in Mind

As we mentioned before, all because it’s light outside for longer periods, unfortunately, doesn’t mean that every summer move is a walk in the park. Because it’s such a busy time for moving companies, it can be tough to book your ideal moving day, and even tougher to move amidst the oppressive summer heat. However, it’s all in the planning. 

The most important thing you can do to set your move on the right track is to start planning your summer move as soon as possible. Peak moving season means the moving company or rental truck company you’re looking at could easily already be booked out if you hold off on locking in a moving date. Ideally, you should book your professional moving company as soon as you decide to move to your new place. 


At the very least, during this peak season, you’ll want to book out your movers a minimum of three weeks in advance, and should shoot for scheduling them over a month in advance to get the exact date you’re looking for. 

Additionally, when booking out your movers, try to avoid moving on weekends, holidays, and on the first and last day of each summer month. Even if you’re able to get these in-demand dates, the inconvenience of dealing with not only your moving company’s busy schedule but with heavy traffic from other fellow movers will make it not worth your while. 


Begin Moving Day Early 

Even though you don’t have to deal with cold, snow, or ice during your summer move, it doesn’t mean you should disregard the role the weather plays in having a successful relocation. Summer heat can often be just as oppressive and dangerous to those moving as bitter cold. 

To avoid getting caught in the height of your moving day’s heat, start as early in the day as possible, when it’s colder out. This will let you and your crew avoid the heat while giving you the added benefit of beating traffic later in the day. 


Label Your Boxes

Even if you’re caught in a last-minute packing scramble, never leave any box or bag unmarked or unnamed. Having all of your items labeled will ensure that you’re not only keeping fragile items packed with things that will protect them (and not crush them), but will let you unpack and organize more efficiently once you arrive at your new home. 


Take Breaks!

On moving day itself, make sure you and your moving crew are taking frequent breaks and staying as hydrated as possible. Never underestimate how taxing or dangerous heat can be – always take breaks and breathers when you need them, and keep constantly drinking water to keep cool and safe. 


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