Whether you’re already currently calling Chicago home, or looking to move into the city from the suburbs or from another state, finding the best neighborhood in the city can be confusing and hard to choose! 


There are so many amazing neighborhoods in Chicago to choose from, after all. There are a ton of neighborhoods to choose from in Chicago, and all bring something a little different to the table. We have some particular favorites right now though, so check out our top picks for the best Chicago neighborhoods to move to in 2022 below. 



Located on the Southwest Side of Chicago, this walkable area has beautiful homes and affordable prices. This neighborhood also offers a fun mix of beautiful historical homes and new developments for both renters and home buyers. 


Bridgeport is close to Chinatown and Pilsen, which both boast amazing restaurants and bars. This area is also home to Guaranteed Rate Field, home to the White Sox. 


North Center

This neighborhood, which revolves around its famed Lincoln Avenue, offers amazing home prices and proximity to the water. It also has an eclectic mix of pubs, breweries, theaters, coffee shops, and antique shops. 


There are a ton of options for both renters and buyers in this area, and has the convenience and charm to make potential residents smile. North Center also offers great access to Chicago’s great public transit system, and has several Brown Line stations and dedicated bus lines. With plenty of beautiful parks and the longest pedestrian bridge in the city plus proximity to the water, this neighborhood is worth the slightly higher rent prices you’ll see here. 


South Shore

South Shore has a ton of unique draws for one neighborhood. With cultural hubs like the South Shore Cultural Center, Stony Island Arts Bank, as well as the Obama Presidential Center and University of Chicago, which are a little farther away. It’s affordable housing prices and proximity to public transit also make it a huge Chicago standout. 


This historically black neighborhood was founded during the World’s Fair in 1893, and still hosts two historical districts, which protect the beautiful and historic homes located in Jackson Park Highlands and the amazing South Shore bungalows. 


Humboldt Park

This area combines affordability, green space, and amazing recreational opportunities to give residents a one of a kind Chicago experience.As the center of Puerto Rican culture in Chicago, this area also has a ton of amazing cultural and historical value. 


In addition to the 207 acre Humboldt Park, this area is also home to Garfield Park. In addition to the recreational opportunities offered here, this neighborhood features beautiful brownstones and greystone homes and an amazing art scene. 



Beverly is a hotspot for new families who are looking for affordable homes with a ton of space and beautiful backyards. 76% of Beverly residents own their homes – which makes it perfect for those looking to buy and invest in a home of their own. With its historical homes, huge yards, and beautiful scenery, there’s no question as to why it’s a huge destination for families. 

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